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  1. I have that Dragon case I just think though, that a mesh section in the acrylic would've worked
  2. At that price, it's quite impressively specified.
  3. Cripes, I want that AMD case. The '64' logo is wrong, but who cares? It looks godlike, but I expect it'll probably cost a bomb...
  4. I did wipe some of it off. (new processor and build that's why I didn't use any surface cleaner) Anyway, something's not working with my rig. The motherboard and processor were verified to work when we brought it to a workshop, so there's nothing wrong with the application thus far. Anyhow tomorrow we're going to bring it back to the workshop for a look-over. Anyway, thanks for all the advice, I'll remember it for my next build.
  5. ^The color of TF400 is similar to this, just a bit darker (was mixed with a little AC-MX-2...)
  6. I'm afraid I won't be able to give any comments on TF400, as I had to clean it off when reinstalling my CPU, since i had to replace my motherboard. Well, actually, it was a combination of like 80% TF400 and 20% AC MX-2...
  7. *shrug* Still curious though, how's it look inside a case?
  8. Yeah, I know, but you see, if heat were to conduct through the plastic shroud to the ... what's it called? Manifold, the manifold would serve as an additional passive cooling surface.
  9. You know though, clay might not have been the best idea for a thermal conductor...
  10. I'm not saying I'm not impressed... just wondering how you're going to install your OS if your system needs a freshie.
  11. Can you show us how it looks in your case?
  12. I'll post a completed build photo some other time.
  13. What's the composition and life span of TF400?
  14. I got a pack of this with my CM V8; I'm wondering whether to try it or use the Arctic Cooling MX-2 I bought. Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition in a Storm Sniper Dragon Edition.