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  1. EVGAMartin

    Serial number

    Does any one know where on the box the serial number is for the Cosmos S? The front panel audio is flaky, and I wanted to get it replaced. Thanks, Martin
  2. @Jen and Kaotic: I have both the Cosmos S and the V8. Without modification, the V8 will not allow the side door to close. However, with a little effort, I was able to make them work together. Here's a video I uploaded to show how I was able to do it: link. Hope that helps, Martin
  3. EVGAMartin

    V10 in Cosmos S?

    I was able to fit the V8 into the Cosmos S (with modding, here's a link to a youtube video I uploaded: clicky). Although I don't know how big the V10 is in comparison to the V8... Hope that helps, Martin
  4. Hi, after about a week of tweaking it, I've found a way to mod the sidefan (and the dust filter) so that the V8 (and probably some other large heatsinks) can fit. I've uploaded a youtube video here. I hope you find it useful.
  5. Thanks for the help boredgunner, but I ended up ordering the parts earlier this afternoon. I read something about using a dremel to trim away at the offending part of the fan -- anyone know if this will work with the V8? Martin
  6. Hi, I really wanted to get a V8 to cool the i7 920 I'm getting, but from what I've seen, it won't fit. Can anyone recommend another good LGA1366-compatible cooler that will actually fit the Cosmos S? If not, will removing the side panel fan affect the internal temps at all? Thanks is advance, Martin