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    CM 690

    Sure, I understand that the open construction makes it harder/impossible to silence the PC, but that doesn't mean it can't be made a bit more silent with correct materials? Slowing down the fans is the most important thing, and perhaps removing vibrations the next? Using a heavy bitumen sheet to weigh the side panels should help, and maybe even closing openings that aren't actually used for anything. Things like that, I guess? One thing I discovered when installing my gear to the case was, that my CPU cooler Xigmatech 1284 (I think) is so big, it prevents me from installing any fans in the top openings from within the case, and of course they won't fit between the top panels either. Any ideas about that? Well, obviously I could replace the case fan... How import are the top fans for cooling, is using just the back opening sufficient? My temps seem to be ok for now.
  2. Soylent Green

    CM 690

    Seriously, no one has any ideas about how to improve this case a bit? Is it perfect already, or is it so old no-one reads this thread anymore? Anyways, it's kinda too late now, I painted the interior black already and decided to leave the grills in their place. I can always cut them off later if I want to. I reckon anyways that since I won't be running the fans at full rpm, they will be quiet enough. We'll see. Well, despite my previous lack of success in enticing you people to post any tips, I will ask one more question: have you people added any silencing material to the case, foams, bitumen sheet etc? Did it have a big effect?
  3. Soylent Green

    CM 690

    I read someplace that the fans should 15mm thick to fit in the back. Can someone confirm this , please?
  4. You can easily check it out: just take it off and then check what the temps are with your graphics card etc. If it looks to be necessary, then you try to reduce the vibrations it causes byt adding some bitumen sheet on the side panel (to make it heavier), and by adding a rubber sound dampener between the fan and the panel. You can also replace the screws with rubber fan mounts.
  5. Soylent Green

    CM 690

    Hi Folks, I joined this forum just now because I ordered me a CM 690 case. While it's on the way I want to plan building it some. I was thinking of painting the interior matte black, and maybe do some minor modifications. I'd like to ask you Cm 690 owners, if it is worth it to cut some of the fan grilles off? DO they cause much noise? I intend to control my fans, so they won't be running full blast. I got me a 12cm Noctua and couple of Scythes to add to the case fans. What about cable management, is it a good idea to enlargen the hole in the mb plate so all the psu wires etc can easily fit through it? Any other suggestions before I start painting it, I'd want to do all the cutting before the painting. And what about the CM fans supplied with the case, how are they? I'd also be interested in how you have handled the fan setup, which places to use and do they blow out or in etc. Thanks!