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  1. Do your 1394 leads reach? They don't in my a8n32 (just a few inches too short). I've got a bunch of stuff coming in the mail hopefully sometime next week to build some extenders to fix that problem. No they dont, as you say just a few inches to short.
  2. Well I finally got my 830, had no problems fitting the A8N-SLI Premium or the pci cards. One thing I did not like was the difficulty in refitting the sides, and the usb and 1394 leads need to be a bit longer. Other than these minor problems I am very pleased with it.
  3. Still waiting as well. Have you noticed the lack of replys from anyone from Coolermaster!
  4. Well I apologise if I have offended anybody. But I think it is still a valid complaint. You will find many complaints in this forum about the European support. Many times the American support trys to help on their behalf. I will contact Coolermaster headquarters with my complaint about lack of European support.
  5. I know they are available for pre-order but all the same I want to know when they will be available for sale!. Have you noticed the lack of any reply from Coolermaster Europe, they should be shut down and their service run from the USA. You see the USA support on the forums all the time, very helpful, but not the Europe mob.
  6. Since sales and support Europe do not wish to reply to my emails, a simple question. When will the 830 be available in the UK?
  7. Well what do you expect? the UK web site is crap, tech support is crap and supply is crap, nothing new. All UK web sites that list the 830 still show it as pre-order. The yanks have had them for a few weeks, come on coolermaster get your act in order. What is worst I see one yank dealer saying he has already received 2 deliverys of 830's and is awaiting his third. Shows you how much coolermaster care about the rest of the world!
  8. So when will it arrive in the UK. Only seen pre-order at Xcase so far.
  9. Yes it works ok, used to have a 450 before I got the 550.
  10. I use this case and have found it to be very good. The only problem is finding a aluminium 5 1/4 to 3 1/2 adapter to suit the hci of the 550 psu. It looks bad at the moment as the one i use is plastic and Coolermaster will not supply one.
  11. Thanks for the info hasnath, ordered it Tuesday and received it today. Installing it now.
  12. So when will it be available in the UK?.
  13. Well as I have received no reply from the Coolermaster Europe site despite a forum posting and a Pm, I will ask here. When will the Realpower 450 be available in the UK?. A simple question that only requires a simple answer!.