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  1. Yes, my first thought was that dust and/or cat hair had jammed it up, but during my last bi-weekly dusting, the fan was clean and spun freely by hand. I submitted an RMA as suggested by ts_123, so we'll see what happens. I can't remember what the warranty period is, but if I have to buy one, it's no big deal. Maybe I'd go with blue LEDs for a change of pace
  2. I've had my HAF 932 for about 6 months, and generally leave it on 24/7. Lately, I've been shutting down at night because the wifey doesn't like the PCs and the AC both running all night. I'm noticing now in the AM, when I start the system up, the front fan takes anywhere from 1 to 15 tries to get started. It lights up and spins a little, shuts off, over and over until it finally gets up to speed. Sometimes the OS is fully up and running by the time the fan winds up. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. I know, I'm probably borderline OCD! I've built a few systems before, but this one is finally my price-is-no-object monster. My wife's teasing me about it, too; as trivial as it may seem, I just want it to be perfect. As a last resort, I'll fab my own window, but I don't think I can get the corners rounded as smooth as CM can...
  4. Hi all! I recently built a HAF 932, and after assembling it, I found the window to be blurry/cloudy over two thirds of its surface. Thinking maybe I got sweat or grease on it, I removed the side and cleaned the window, but the defect remained. I emailed both tech and customer support a week ago and haven't received any response. Has anyone had this problem and been successful in getting a new piece of acrylic shipped to them? I understand I'll have to drill out the existing rivets and replace them; it's a task I'm willing to handle. I'd just like some response from Cooler Master regarding this issue. Thanks!
  5. Trust me, I did read that thread, but I don't seem to have the same problem. Mine stays lit up constantly when it's plugged in to the mobo backwards, which is just what to expect when plugged in wrong. When it's plugged in the right way, it stays lit when there's no drive activity, but flashes when there is drive activity; the exact opposite of how HDD LEDs are supposed to behave as far as I know... If it helps, I'll tack a reply onto that thread.
  6. Hi all! I've stumbled across a bizarre annoyance with my new setup. I just built a HAF 932 tower with a MSI P7N Diamond motherboard. I've got 5 SATA hard drives, with #1&2 set as RAID0 through the BIOS. The hard drive LED on the case behaves the opposite of how it is supposed to. It stays lit when there's no drive activity, and flashes off when there is drive activity. The red LED on the motherboard behaves just as it should. If I reverse the plug, the both the case and mobo LEDs stay on constantly. Has anyone ever heard of this behavior before? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!