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  1. Thanks for the reference, EsaT! I'm happy to learn that I'm not at the limit for current on the line feeding 12V to the video card. I'm very pleased with the features on the UCP 700W PSU. I designed my Core i7 computer with efficiency in mind. With both the monitor and computer, they draw 9W sleeping, 150W surfing and 250W doing 4-core math processing. The power factor was 0.94 which is great. Thanks for your help. -roadtrip-
  2. Hi all, I built a computer last weekend and am pleased to report that all is well with it. However, I'm trying to better understand powering the video card with the PSU. The GeForce 9800 GTX card accepts additional power via a single PCI-E 6-pin connector that has a requirement of up to 24 A on the 12 V rail. The UCP 700W has four 12 V sources (rails?) providing 19 A each. So my question is whether the four 12 V sources are fed by a common supply whereby my single PCI-E connector can supply the 24 A or if the four 12 V sources are each limited to 19 A? The card draws the most power when doing 3-D rendering and I'm not a gamer. I doubt I'll experience any problems not meeting the maximum current requirements of the video card. But can this PSU supply the stated current draw? Thanks for your advice. -roadtrip-