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  1. well I'll keep an eye on it ... I haven't noticed any deposits anywhere else. if it does slow down again I will also replace the coolant type and use new hosing thanks for the feedback.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I actually pulled the top cover off and had the reservoir outside my case to observe ... to make sure the pump was working ... it was. There weren't any leaks ... so no coolant loss. So then I took a long skinny piece of tubing and put it through the reservoir to the wheel section and gently knocked the wheel a bit. It's now working fine ... didn't see any bubbles. BUT ... with the cover off I could see the wheel better and I swear there are small deposits of something on the blades of the wheel. I have only had this up and running since February (four months at most). I though the coolant was supposed to prevent any algae growth (if that is what it is). Any comments?
  3. I have a strange issue with my Aquagate Max Even though I can see the coolant flow in the large window at the front along the top line of the liquid and I can feel the pump working ... the spin wheel seems to be moving sporadically. Very slow ... speeds up ... then almost stops ... then moves again ... etc. I have checked the cpu temps on my QX6700 in Everest and they seem fine ... I'm using a 680i MB, so I can't see readings through ESA. Temps range from 28 C to about 33 C in a fairly warm room. The four cores range from 40 to 44 C. Any advice? Is my system slowly failing? PS: there are no bubbles in the system that I can see ... so it doesn't need bleeding
  4. FYI ... the last versions of the case come with a grill on the side panel fan to stop this happening ... make sure they send you two of those too
  5. I'm confused ... didn't your side panel fan come with a metal grill installed?
  6. Hey New to the forum too. Just transferred my computer components to a Cosmos S case with the Aquagate Max water cooling system cooling my CPU. First try was problematic as the computer would not start but a quick chat with tech support and they sent me a new power button assembly. Everything works now. Getting temps of between 19 C to 23 C on my CPU at idle ... going up to 28 C to 33 C (depending on room temps) and my three 8800 GTXs, which run hot at the best of times are all about 49 C at idle and about 62 C on load. Pretty happy so far. Also going to add the 8800 Hydra hybrid coolers (with a little added work to make them fit) to get those those temps down as well using a second external water cooling setup. Don't think the Aquagate can handle the CPU and three hot GPUs effectively. MB temps run around 27 to 32 C. I have two 120 mm fans in the front (two Silverstone hard drive cages as I found the Coolermaster ones kind of flimsy), and a 120 mm in the bottom, as well as the 230 mm on the side panel drawing air into the case. Then there's a 120 mm at the back, two 120 mm on the Aquagate radiator at the top, and a third 120 mm accessed through the top panel ... which draw air out. PS: all temps as reported through Everest Ultimate Edition 5