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  1. Hi, My problems include: It's all installed now except for the bracket for the speed controller. I cannot clip the controller lip that is supposed to go into the rear of the bracket. The diagram does not show any other information or advise. I'm not going to remove the fan just to get this replaced. The instructions are not very clear about turning the heat sink plate on counter-clockwise other than a tiny arrow I noticed after finally noticing this very non-standard way. I still can't understand why some instructions can't be given instead of searching the internet for advise on this. It's the annoying things you remember about a company that make you stay away. Like the HAF 932 Coolermaster case I just bought has motherboard retaining screws packed with only one type of screw - a non-matching screw. The other plastic bag has screws that fit. There's nothing worse than getting these stuck in the retaining screws so I always double check the fit. Steve