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  1. 01275

    Q on Aquagate MAX

    Some question on aquagate max: 1. Radiator using aluminium and CPU waterblock using copper - will it cause galvanic corrosion? 2. If I use with gigabyte ex58-extreme motherboard and connect to it's built in NB waterblock will it cause galvanic corrosion too? How about the size of the tubing? Does it fit? 3. I've heard of cooler master will be redisigning the water block for i7 cores, when will it available? 4. Will the new revision came with Cosmos S radiator mounting kit? If not, will coolermaster ship me the bracket? ( I live in Malaysia ) Thanks.
  2. Has it been released? Can i use LGA1366 Socket Retention Bracket Set (RR-ACC-1366-GP) with it??