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  1. That must have taken some time, may I ask what is the best way to cut acrylic?
  2. Couldn't agree more, that is some impressive paint work.
  3. Very nice, where are you getting all the acrylic?
  4. Very nice build, aesthetics are a must, I hope to learn some modding tricks here.
  5. gamester8989

    V10 sequel?

    I don't really mind a loud pc so I swapped mine for two Vantec tornados 5000-5700 RPM 140cfm per fan if im not mistaken. Temps never see 30C OC'd to 4.1ghz on Phenom II 955 and it's sitting at 27C full load
  6. Wow! What a rig! Very nicely done it makes my crate look absolutely pitiful. (As if it wasn't already but still)
  7. Thanks PaPang, it was a necessity to build this the way I did because of lack of availability of compatible hardware to work with the Dell optiplex system. Cooling is awesome. It's a pentium Dual core stock @ 3.0 GHZ so the way I did it proved best for effective cooling
  8. Ok, I envy you guys who do such amazing modding work. With this I am not making fun, I just want to see how my crappy 2 hour design/build stands up to the big dogs. A friend of mine needed a better computer BADLY so I decided to take a Dell Optiplex I had gathering dust and build him a mid range gaming rig. So I got to work. I thought I was gonna be able to just drop in my 9600 GSO 512 and 4gb of ddr2 1066 and be done. BOY was I wrong. First problem the video card was about 3 inches to tall to fit in the optiplex case. So Alex (the friend) gave me a 15 year old HP that was dead for the case. Second problem apparently the optiplex's mobo is made specifically for the optiplex. The pci slots are opposite of any other computer. Then I decided to just build the computer on his desk and use a milk crate to cover/protect it. Then I found that there is no back plate to mount the cpu cooler. So I decided to get to work with a hack saw. First off I started with cutting a hole for the optical drive. I also took this time to mount/tape the hard drive to the top of the disk drive. There really is no worklog. It's a 2hour thing and when I built it I didn't even think about entering it but it turned out to be a half bad mod. Feel free to post your honest opinion I want to know how people react to such a thing *EDIT* Well because of my extremely low budget of $0.00 I will resign from the contest as I cannot afford any more CM parts. The CM fan was even a freebie.
  9. Well I haven't used it with the Phenom II X4 940 but I have with the 955. I had mine at 3.9ghz with a V-10 also and it idled around 45ºC Then I rebuilt my rig in a new case so I changed the thermal paste to some arctic silver I picked up at radio shack and it idled around 52ºC so I reseated the cpu cooler with more thermal fusion 400 and it dropped to around 41ºC idle 56º Full load 8 threads in Prime 95. So I say it's pretty impressive stuff.
  10. Well over the course of the last hour and a half I've browsed your project log and wow!! That's really epic, I've only seen one wooden build before yours. But this is the best. I think you should also put the spokes above the dvd bezel, It'll add to the narrow look while keeping the style you're looking for. Larger spokes would make it look wider. Also a CM case badge would be perfect for adding a removable CM logo.