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  1. Sim

    HAF-X Question

    Any word on when we will see more info on HAF-X case? This site has some info but lacks pictures of the inside of the case. ... &Itemid=46 Will the HAF-X come with filters? Is the inside of this case painted black?
  2. What cooler did you go with? The cm V8 does good on LGA 775 but 1366 it hasn't impressed me at all, hitting 70's with a mild 3.4ghz overclock makes me want to switch to another cooler too. I wonder how good this cooler would do if you removed the nickle plating on the bottom of the heatsink.
  3. Looks like retail stores are lowering the price of the HAF so we could see a new version soon. I hope the new version is painted plus has filters and less mesh area's for air unless its by a fan.
  4. The V8 needs a better mounting system, having to flip the motherboard over to mount this cooler is a pain. Would be nice to have some double stick tape so you can stick the backplate to the mother board. The fan could use a screwless mount for the bottom, that way if people want to switch it out they don't need to remove the cooler. Also it would be nice to have the copper showing on the bottom of the cooler instead of the nickel plating, copper better at transferring heat then nickel plating is, that's why all water blocks have copper showing on the bottom.
  5. My core i7 920 stock temps are a bit high too using the V8. 39-41 idle temps 59-62 load temps prime 95 after 30mins room temp 74F I replaced the fan on the V8 with this fan "Scythe KAZE-JYUNI "SLIP STREAM" 1,900 rpm 37.00 dBA 110.31CFM, i have the 88CFM version too, can't notice a difference in temps between the two of them. My Ultra aluminus full tower case has two 120mm fans, 88CFM front 110CFM rear, i opened up the side of the case the temps didn't change one bit, also tried a house fan blowing inside the case and still no change in cpu temps. When i first applied some ocz freeze my idle temps was 34-35 but i did have the AC below 69F.
  6. A question for anyone that owns this cooler, how good is the thermal paste that comes with this cooler. Did you use the thermal paste or did you use something else?