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  1. If it can handle and change all my fans when I hook them all up with 3 pin y connecters then I will like it. If it cannot do this I will return it and try and find a red one. Hopefully it does work and I can somehow make it red, if not I guess I will just leave it
  2. Best name I could think of for my HAF 932. Almost done completing it just got a few things left to do. So far I have painted it black and purchased 8 120mm red led fans for it, also added 2 red cold cathode lights to the bottom of the case. Here is some pics of what I have done so far. Original case with extra 120mm red led on bottom : Inside pic with my cable management : After applying some Krylon black satin paint, my new and improved HAF 932 : With my fans and everything on with flash on : And without flash : I also modded out the front blue leds with some red ones to go better with my overall case design : Things left to do : Try and change blue in my fan controller with red Sleeve all of my cables Install watercooling (maybe). Anyone like it so far?
  3. Don't know a single person with this case that doesn't want that. Really sucks I got to do all this myself now
  4. Would be nice since I am going for all red in my HAF case and don't feel like buying the green edition and then having to swap out the fans and coolant.