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  1. Good evening, I currently reside in Australia and was wondering if Coolmaster US/Australia or anything sells replacement top sections for the HAF932 Case, I'm talking about the USB/E-SATA etc front ports. The reason for this is that the USB port plastic protector for the USB 'fins' snapped off randomly on removal of my mouse (NO I did not yank, pull or bend as I removed, it simply fell out... a little disappointed TBH). Anyways, is there a way I can purchase this additional part? Thanks, VD
  2. Would installing the additional 2x HDD Fans, and Bottom mounted fan (behind the PSU) lower temps on the GPU? When it comes to cleaning the HAF 932 - what does it entail? Can of air, brushes? Never cleaned a machine before is all.
  3. Good evening, I come to you with a small delimma on my hands, I am faced at buying a new PC Case for my system - This system was the first time I've built one, and its gone quite well up until this point, not to go into details but the case I'm currently using now has NO fans (3 yearold hand me down) and I decided instead of spending $80 (Australian) on new fans I would invest in a new case altogether. Although exciting whenever it comes to purchasing new PC parts, the doom and gloom soon sets in - Which is the best, should I get this, should I get that etc (The same philosophy can be applied to whenever we spend money ). BUT to the point - I BELIEVE I've narrowed it down to two cases; the Coolermaster HAF 932 or the ATCS 840. Having read EVERY review to date on both machines (yes, over 8 hours of solid reading across the board no jokes) I am back where I began, as one review put: Currently my computer specs are: CPU: E8400 with Noctua NH-U12P Heatsink Cooler Mobo: P5Q Pro GPU: 8800GTX - Soon to be GTX285/295 PSU: Corsair HX620w Sound: Audigy 2 ZS HDD: 1x 1TB, 1x 300GB Samsung 7200rpm 32mb Cache HDD I come to you with my hands open - if one of you were currently in the market for a new Gaming/Performance case which would you choose? I LOVE the design/exterior of the HAF 932 but with no dust filters it worries me, on the OTHER hand the ATCS 840 has higher temperatures etc. Please refer to a recent Coolermaster Sniper review that shows graphs comparing a number of up-to-date cases [basically shows the HAF 932 with better temperature ALL round]: Also note worthy is another comment from another review concerning the ATCS 840: Thanks, VD
  4. I have to admit, an additional purchase of a side panel WITH addition fan/cooling options would be GREATLY suggested by me and NUMEROUS other users (I can point you in the direction of a couple reviews that mention the lack of them playing a huge role in higher temperatures compared to the HAF 932). One such review can be found here in a recent review of your upcoming Sniper case, from the pictures you can see the HAF 932 totally outperforming the ATCS 840 in all benchmarks simply due to its side mounted fan: ... r-review/4 Also another quote from a review reads: Could member of CM please reply on the POSSIBILITY of a side fan panel - this will be the decider in me purchasing the HAF 932 or the ATCS 840 tomorrow.