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  1. So I've got a V8 and I have had it since December. The fan has started to rattle. I checked for loose screws and everything is tight. At times it also starts to emit a high whine and rattle some more. It doesn't matter if the fan is on a high or low setting. If I change the speed of the fan, it will stop rattling for a minute or two and then start up again. I looked at attempting to replace the fan and I really have no idea what I can and can't do so thought I should just post here instead. Is this still under warranty or can the fan be easily replaced? I couldn't find instructions anywhere on actually replacing the fan. Thanks!
  2. I went the the CM 690. Fry's had it for $80. Everything fits, it's tool-free and looks good to boot!
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies! If all that is required to get it to fit into a 900 is a small fan modification I think I'll shoot for that. Of course now my local store is sold out! Thanks again for all the help!
  4. Does anyone know if the V8 will fit in a Mystique? ... k=Mystique
  5. Thanks for the reply biggatomic, unfortunately I'm in Oregon and we don't have microcenters here. I could order it from them but the shipping kills it, bringing it up to $145. It's a good price that I don't think I could find locally. I think the only two local places for cases are frys and and they have limited choices.
  6. So I've got the V8 cooler with an Intel 920 and an Evga X58 MB. My current Cooler Master WaveMaster case is too small for this cooler, the side panel won't go back on.I was going to go with an Antec 900 but according to a review here on the forums, that case is also too small even though it's a full tower and is 8.1" wide. I'm open to suggestions for a new case, but I'm on a limited budget since I didn't expect to have to purchase a new case due to a CPU cooler. If I could return it at this point I would, but I can't so I've gotta get a new case. Around $115 on the top end is what I've got to work with. I don't need a PSU with the case. I figured that anyone with a V8 will be on these forums and could share what they have. I don't want to order a new case (as I was about to do with the 900) just to find that it won't fit and be back at square one. Thanks for the help all, I appreciate it greatly.