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  1. No problem. Personally I am not concerned about the cost of a product. If it is good enough, I will buy it
  2. Sorry, by "unmarked" I meant the box itself was not damaged, scratched or scuffed. My case also came in a coolermaster box, and was also well packed and wrapped in plastic... so I was suggesting the scratches and fingerprinting occurred before the case was packed.
  3. A few suggestions for the ATCS 840, now that I own one... * IMPROVE QUALITY CONTROL. MY NEW CASE CAME WITH NUMEROUS SCRATCHES AND GRUBBY MARKS. * Make a 100% black edition, with black interior. * Make the silver edition a silver & black, as silver drives are very rare, and black drives look out of place on an all silver chassis. * Make the side door panels thicker! A mechanism similar to that used with the removable motherboard tray to reduce scratching when fitting / removing the doors would also be a plus. * Include sound proofing material on the inside of doors, as seen in the original Cosmos. * Use a better mechanism to attach the front drive covers - currently they feel flimsy when fitted, and the fit is not solid. * Get rid of the top PSU option. The PSU bay cover also feels flimsy when fitted, and looks cheap imo. * The case is difficult to pickup and carry due to the combination of thin side doors, and flimsy drive bay covers / PSU bay cover. Fixing those issues will improve this. * Make the PCI exhaust duct out of aluminium, and use rubber seals where it fits onto the chassis. Include a fan for the duct with the case. * Supply the case with "solid" PCI brackets, as well as the "grill" variety. This gives users the option of directing more airflow through their graphics card when using the PCI exhaust duct. * Supply the case with interchangeable feet / wheels. * Include a full compliment of high quality fans with grills with the case. * Sleeve all case cables in black, including fan cables. Neatly link all fans onto a single cable and single connector, similar to the method used with Gigabyte's Aurora 3D, rather than having individual cables and adapters for each fan. Do all that and I would happy pay through the roof for one (or two!)
  4. I order a black ATCS 840 down in Australia from an online store. The case was delivered in an unmarked (no dents, scratches or scuffs) and sealed (Coolermaster) box - however when I removed the chassis, I was shocked to discover the vast number of scratches in it! While most of these were not so obvious, there were a couple on the top, were the silver was showing through the black finishing in an alarmingly obvious way. Not to mention there were grimy finger prints all over the case - espcially obvious at the rear. I haven't seen that many finger prints on a case ever - least of all a brand new case! I did not realise I would be required to clean the case before use. This case was not cheap, and as such I had expected to receive value for money. I am sorely disappointed How on earth does a case in this condition pass quality control!? And how many other scratched / dirty ATCS 840 cases are in circulation waiting to be purchased???
  5. I received my black ATCS 840 a few days ago down in Australia... the thing has scratches all over it! In particular there are a couple of really obvious scratches on the top, where silver is showing through the black finish. Then there's the finger prints. There are finger prints everywhere, especially obvious at the rear. I didn't realise I'd have to clean the case before use! How on earth does a case in this condition pass quality control!? Or is the quality control process simply the act of stamping QC passed on the box... Very disappointed so far Don't get me wrong, I love the design of this case, but mine is a disgrace to the CM name.