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  1. It just pulls off, get ur fingers under and behind it and pull, don't worry you won't break it.
  2. yeah dude, its pretty nice. i will have to buy a few LED's for my HAF.
  3. I put my V8 on my i7 yesterday and overclocked to 3.99999GHz with 1.4Vcore its idle temps are 32 Degrees, haven't got a load temp yet. @ System builder, the screws are not normal "righty tighty, lefty lousy" it the other way, i had that problem yesterday and then remembered that i saw the problem in somebody elses post. @Sim, Not sure what the paste is like i used Antec silver paste on mine.
  4. it is very nice, got to 3.8GHz on the v8!! goes to 4GHz when multiplier goes to 21!!! im happy!
  5. My computer is finally finished for now after getting my 1366 brackets for the V8. Notice the riostat for the fan speed at the top of the case in the screw holes.
  6. i don't see any reason why it shouldn't work with it. if it fits into the 5.25 drives bays you should be more than ok.
  7. allen175

    V8 Questions

    i have the V8 and corsair dominator ram, but my brackets for the V8 for 1366 have not arrived yet, but when they do get to me i will tell you if it fits or not.
  8. I bought the cooler today, looks great! can't use it though. it didn't come with a 1366 retention bracket the guy in the shop where i bought it from said that if i register the product and require the backet that coolermaster would send one out. is it true?