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  1. Try sending an email to Cooler Master and see if they can help you get the parts you need. From what I've seen of them, they just might be able to. As for fan/fan bracket compatibility, I'd expect Turbine Masters to work as they're 120mm x 25mm. The mounts should be the same, even though the shape is different.
  2. Yeah don't trust software. I've had software tell me that my +12v rail was at 9v, and I doubt it would boot like that. I confirmed that it was at around 11.9v. Your PSU won't fluctuate down to 11.5v unless it's near the end of its life cycle.
  3. lol, this is really common. Product pages are always released before the product becomes available. This is not out of the ordinary or confusing unless you're new to shopping for PC hardware. In any case, I assume it will be available by the end of the month.
  4. The Cosmos 1000 and 1010 did indeed have poor airflow, but the Cosmos S stepped it up with a big 230mm side fan (which doesn't move a ton of air, but helped a lot) and support for triple 120mm front fans (with extra HDD cages) while still leaving you with a 5.25" bay. The Cosmos II has a 200mm front fan as well as support for four 120mm side fans it looks like (two for the bottom HDDs, two for the GPUs). On top of that, front intake allows for you to zip tie an extra fan behind the top HDD cage for even more airflow toward your GPU. The reason I really like the Cosmos II just from the previews is because of how versatile it looks. It's huge, great cable management (this was the problem with the older Cosmos cases), tons of storage space, lots of water cooling support (top triple rad, bottom dual rad), and good airflow. It looks like a great competitor for the Lian-Li PC-V2120 and I'll most likely end up choosing between the two. If only Silverstone pulled their heads out of their asses and lowered the TJ11's price to around that of the PC-V2120 and rumored Cosmos II price...
  5. HAF-X has better water cooling support + an additional hot swap bay (both of which support 3.5" drives unlike the Storm Trooper) plus a GPU air duct. The Storm Trooper has more optical drive bays (if you don't use one of the HDD cages), a handle, fan controller, better side panel cooling, bigger CPU retention plate hole, two HDD/SSD cages plus another SSD cage, rotatable HDD/SSD cage, additional vertical expansion slot. It's a tradeoff I guess, both are awesome.
  6. Was in Japan last week and no 411 there either. Everyone is still waiting!! Cooler Master isn't a Japanese company.
  7. 1. I agree, but unfortunately I'm not seeing a removable motherboard tray in the Cosmos II. We can only hope. I'd like to see the motherboard tray be removable, and installed upside down for inverted ATX rather than two separate versions. That's how the Stacker 830/832 were, right? 2. I'd also like to see this, but unfortunately I'm not seeing it. It might be possible to fit one in the top, but not on the bottom. In my opinion more manufacturers need to invert the PSU mount 90 degrees like the Silverstone TJ07 and Lian-Li PC-V2010. This would give you dual PSU options at the bottom, as well as quad radiator support on the bottom if you're using only one PSU. It's saddening how Lian-Li abandoned this design with the PC-V2120. At least the Cosmos II appears to have dual internal radiator support (larger than 120mm/140mm)... triple on top and double on the bottom.
  8. I'm pretty sure there are five, but two of them are converted to hot swap bays by default. I assume you can remove them and put 5.25" drives like in the HAF-X.
  9. So you've posted one example, the Storm Enforcer. The Storm Scout has a windowed side panel + two 120mm side fan mounts, the Storm Sniper (first Storm case) has a mesh side panel with a dust filter and 200mm or dual 120mm fan mounts (200mm fan now included). A windowed version came much later. Finally, the Storm Trooper, has two 120mm side fan mounts. The upcoming Cosmos II has mesh on the side panel which looks like it will have (or support) dual 120mm side fans. Cooler Master's large 200mm/230mm fans don't really push much air, but they are incredibly quiet. Cost aside they're not ideal by any means - you can achieve greater airflow with around the same noise with a pair of high quality 120mm or 140mm fans (Scythe GentleTyphoon, Noctua NF-P12/NF-P14, Thermalright TY-140, etc.) but this will cost more. I personally like when Cooler Master gives us 120mm fan options.
  10. I wish I could use this cooler... it runs into large motherboard heat sinks quite often from what I've read, and somebody tested it with my motherboard and it isn't compatible. Great design plus the fan holders make for perfect shrouds. No more stretching fan clips, just zip tie it to the shroud and voila!
  11. RC-335-KKR6 comes with a "Thermal Master 420W". It is very basic and includes a 16A (192W) +12v rail and two SATA connectors. More information can be found here. ... 5-KKR6.pdf
  12. I'm sure it will fit a 360 rad on top, since the Cosmos S can and the Cosmos II is bigger than the Cosmos S. I'd also expect it to hold a 240 rad at the bottom since CM knows people do those sorts of things all the time. Anyway I'd like the Cosmos II to be my next case and so far it looks incredible. I'd like to see horizontal cable management holes on the bottom of the motherboard tray though. The right side panel should also be symmetrical with the left, regarding the mesh on it.
  13. Hey Sleepee! That's a very helpful writeup... thanks a bunch.
  14. I agree with you on the HAF, that's why I never bought one. The ATCS 840's fit and finish just doesn't quite compare to Lian-Li cases in the price range. Lian-Lis have more sturdy side panels with better fitment making a much more clean looking case. For its time though, the ATCS 840 was hard to beat in that price range (when it dropped to $200, not when it first debuted).