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  1. Sorry, I guess I'm just confused by your post.. =/
  2. That doesn't look like a HAF...
  3. Ok, so if I do the positive pressure thing, you said to use filters. Where can I even get filters for this case? Secondly, you said large cards can benefit from additional support, but where can I get it? Can I screw in the card to the expansion slot?
  4. Hey all. I'm in the market for a new case, and I've got to say the HAF 932 has made me drool from the moment I've seen it. However, with a case that size and its airflow capacity, I've noticed that many of you have shown concerns for dust. So I have a few questions. 1. Has anyone found a filter solution? i.e., have you made your own? Found some that fit? etc.? 2. I know of dust filters for 120mm fans, so how many of you have replaced the 230mm fans with all 120mm fans? And if so, how much does this increase the sound level? 3. If anyone is familiar with the Antec 900 and its lack of dust filtration, what is the dust-buildup levels of the HAF 932 in comparison to the Antec 900 (I must say, the 900 brings in quite a bit). If I can think of anything else, I'll ask, but I feel in the back of my mind that I've made up my mind about the HAF, I just need to feel confident about that decision. Also on a completely other note: I travel back and forth to school a lot which is a 3 hour trip. Though this case is toolless, do I have the option of screwing in my hard drives, optical drives, and video cards? I don't want some flimsy holds on them and to open my trunk to see that stuff has fallen all over the place. Thanks again =]