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  1. Hallo all forum members, It is almost time for me to replace my cooling liquid in my Aquagate Max system. I have a few questions that I am hoping will be answered by all the "wise" forumites. Firstly, is it necessary to rinse out the tank and pipes with a "cleaning agent" or "cleaning solution" before replacing the cooling liquid? I have seen what looks like a form of residue inside the tank - not too sure if it is inside or outside the tank. (I hope it is outside!! ) This is this the first time I will be changing the liquid. Secondly, is it necessary to open the CPU water block to clean inside it? I have read somewhere on this forum about residue being found inside the water block. Anybody who has tips for me in dealing with this task, please post them here. It will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your replies
  2. @ EsaT, I have been trying to source a Cooler Master fan on the web. The only one that I can get that looks close to the original is the "sickle 120 x120x25" . Not too sure if that is the right type of fan to get. I will do some more searching though - thanks for your input. I will keep it in mind when buying the fans.....
  3. Thanks Maxession, I will give that a try. Maybe someone from Cooler Master can give some input as to a replacement model should this not pan out for me. I don't want to run my system with only one fan.
  4. Hi to all, I need to replace one of my radiator fans for my Aquagate Max watercooler system. Any idea on what model I should ask for?? By the way - I am in Johannesburg South Africa. I have no clue who the agents are here or how to get a replacement. The unit is not even a year old !! Would I be able to get a replacement fan from the shop that I bought it from?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Well, I eventually got my Aquagate Max. . . after hunting high & low. I was able to get one from digitalsaonline.co.za. Thanks to Lloyd for the great service!! All I can say is WOW!!! The system works better than expected. I must say I am very impressed. I had a bit of problems with the radiator installation - I somehow thought that the radiator fits into the top section of the Cosmos S - but I installed mine on the inside of the box. My only grip is the fact that I am not able to control my cooling fans (through lack of ESA Motherboard) The fact that the fans are running at full speed might be a little too loud for some people. To be honest, I dont find them too noisy. I was able to overclock my Core 2 Duo E8400 from 3Ghz to 4 Ghz without any trouble. Both cores run at 53,52 with a hour of OCCT testing. I am sure I could take it further, but at this stage I am one happy chappy. I hope that in the future Cooler Master will come out with a ESA system built into the box or aquagate sytem for temperature control and monitoring. Thumbs up to Cooler Master on another fine product!!
  6. Looks really cool I can't wait till I get mine. Just a pity with the holidays - All the computer shops have closed down for the Christmas holidays. Not able to get one anywhere. Did you have any problems with the installation at all?? I have read that it is a bit of a tight squeeze to get the radiator fitted. Are your fans fitted with a control unit or connected to the MOBO??
  7. Hi to all the Forum members, I am thinking of buying the Aquagate Max as part of a new PC gaming machine. I did a search and came up with this link http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/coolers/display/coolermaster-aquagate-max.html. From what I gather, one of the "problems" in the test was the fact that the radiator fans during the test phase were running at full speed throught out. I have read somewhere on this forum that the fan speed is only controlled if one has an ESA motherboard. Am I correct in making this statement?? The motherboard that I am thinking of buying is the Asus Rampage Formula X48 SLI. It has some temperature measurement points coupled with fan control on the board. Can one not use these for the fan control of the Aquagate Max radiator fans?? I am also looking at the buying the "Cosmos Sport 1100S" case to put everything into. Does this case come with mounting screws for the Aquagate Max cooling system?? I believe that the above mentioned test report also stated that there were no mounting screws for the radiator in their Aquagate Max test package. Regards