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  1. I just installed one into a Cosmos 1000 case. I had to mod the top though to allow greater air flow. I read a lot on this kit and it seems that the cpu block is a week link, therefore I replaced it with a Swiftech Apogee GTZ. I have just one loop with two 8800GTX graphic cards. I have overclocked my Q6600 (2.4GHZ) to (3.6GHz) and hope to take it further with the addition of another single rad and 1/2" pipe to replace the kits 3/8".
  2. andygibson

    Aquagate Max

    Can anyone please tell me the thread size for the 3/8" barbs as fitted to the pump/res unit and rad? I wish to replace them with 1/2" barbs and tube. Thanks.
  3. I have two Hydra GPU cooling blocks to cool two 8800 GTX cards in SLI, therefore is it ok to connect them like this? ... ydrax2.jpg Thanks
  4. Thanks to those who have already given me advice. My questions: 1. Is it ok to use one loop? 2. Will the stock alui rad cause issues with the copper cpu block? 3. Would a 360 rad improve cooling and do you think the pump would cope ok? 4. Will it matter which direction the water flows through the Hydra's? (Do you have to connect GC1 in - GC1 out - GC2 in - GC2 out) Regards System: Cosmos 1000 case Cooler Master Aquagate Max 2 x Cooler Master Hydra water blocks for 2 x 8800GTX in SLI Swiftech Apoyee GTZ to cool a Q6600 Kingwin 800w PSU, 4GB DDR2 Corsair Domminator 1066MHz
  5. Wow that's some computer. Do you cool your system with just the Aquagate or do you have other components in your loop?
  6. Great as I have read so many negative things regarding off the shelf kits. I have two CM Hydra Air/Water blocks for the 8800GTX cards and a Swiftech Apoyee GTZ for the CPU. So I guess I will be able to run one loop? Also If I added a second single rad, would the pump manage ok?
  7. Can anyone please advise me regarding watercooling. Can this be used to cool the CPU & two 8800GTX graphic cards? Thank