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  1. All Copper v8, the bottom of the cooler machine lapped to a mirror finish"do not put that crappy silver crap on there that so many good heatsinks out there have, have a fan that is adjustable from 90-150 CFM. Tec in the bottom with the controller on in the plastic on top of the v8. Run the wires for the tec down the side of the fan and have them sleeved.
  2. A v8 with a Tec actually mounted to the bottom by the heatsink base?
  3. Head over to the EVGA forums, many of its forums members have had issues with the cm power supplys and the EVGA x58 boards, and the EVGA x58 classified. Issues with the UCP heard you guys fixed that but many people still have to do issues and have to go though an rma with you guys, most people just buy a new psu due to the turnaround time. The other models members have had issues with Real Power Pro 850 Watts 80 Plus,Real Power Pro 1000W, RS-A00-EMBA
  4. it has dust filters on the front, i own a cm 690 nv edition. its a great case, but went back to the cm stacker since it offers more options.
  5. I had the Ultra x3 1000w it fits in the cm stacker 830 own two stackers actually... But i will never buy an ultra x3 psu or a cm psu at this time due to issues with their psu's and the x58 boards esp the EVGA's due to a design flaw in cm psu's.... but yes and yes the psu's will fit, there is alot of room in there. The Stacker 830 I think is still one of cooler masters best cases, so many options for air cooling, the moding you can do to it. is simply amazing. I wish cm would offer the csx side panels with windows for the stacker 830 i had to spend 80 dollars at performance for a cm stacker 830 black side panel with window, and its not even as nice"very cheaply done cutting of metal off the side panel that has the screws for the window off and using thick glue to put the window on that is not even cut right" as the one cm has that the cheaper oem stacker or the more expensive custom cases cooler master sells... Wish i got the cheaper stacker 830 evo instead of the one I got... just so i could have a good case window.
  6. donta1979

    V10 in Cosmos S?

    Right now I have a CM v10 in my i7 920 rig on the evga classified, about to re apply the tim, if the temps are still high going ot ditch the thermal fushion 400 and use ac mx2... As for a case the cm stacker works very well for the v8 and the v10, the silverstone raven"dont get this case if your going tri sli..." At least the cm stacker can be modded a great deal.... I personally like it over cms new case they just came out with...Just due the air cooling options available to you with the cm stacker.
  7. Actually The aquagate is only as good as your ambient temps allow, in a warmer room its really no better than an air cooler, in a cool room 70F or below it can handle an oced i7 920 and 2x 280 GTX cards.... but you hit the 78F mark with just a cpu, or with two gpus in your loop. At that point it becomes no better or worse than an air cooler, even with higher cfm fans on the rad Now for the coolit Freezone elite, you can actually control the temps of the liquid, rev up the fan, even add a better block to the loop, some poeple have gone as far as to add extreme rads to thier loops so it goes block to rad, to coolit unit, to pump back to the cpu block. Personally if your just going to cool your cpu. go with the coolit freezone elite, its a bit more durable than the aquagate max... the res in the thing is very flimsy and can crack easily if jolted... at all.... mine leaked all over, i ended up ripping it apart, tossing the box, and the electronics, just kept the pump and rad, the rest went into the trash... Though my own experience just get a freezone elite, its more durable, more options, and little to no maintence unlike water cooling.
  8. Well at least nvidia is making some great lower heat cards, right now for lower end consumers the new 270 GTX is basically half of a 295 and produces less heat, and does not cost nearly as much its just above a 260 GTX and just below the 285 GTX. Great card really, for the price worried consumer. Nvidia is actually letting ati use physx now, the deal just went though, so its going to be nice physx will be here to stay for awhile, vantage will be considered an equal playing field. Both physics engines are great, having worked with both I prefer physx, now since support will be coming to the red team/ati will be nice to it get even more developed than it is now.... It's just progress really, I have been pc gaming since the 80's, and got heavily into the 90's, and have not stopped since, I do not like consoles as well, but some titles I wanted to play bad, like Mario galaxies, Zelda, and metroid for the wii, , halo 3, gears of war 2, the force unleashed for the 360 I have stopped my hand from pulling the trigger on the ps3, I love god of war one and 2 and own a ps2 just for those two games, and really want to play god of war 3... I really wish more games would be ported to the pc at times... But yes the heat is getting crazy on tech, but as the wave spectrums of the hardware's frequency go up in that wave spectrum more heat is generated sadly, people want more realistic games, but want cheap hardware and software, for the software to be cheap people have to stop pirating, I hate how pirating affects the poor customers that buy the game... if anything the customers should be tailored to 100% To make it easy for them to play their games, It was a sigh of relief when EA announced dropping DRM... I hated it and thought it was wrong to punish actual consumers... that paid for their games... this pretty much in my opinion promoted piracy of many great titles... consumers look at it like this, what I can only install a game i purchased a limited amount of times then im sol... oh hells no I am going to just dnload it off the net... to me that was just wrong for the loyal pc gamers that buy their games. The best thing to do when buying a new rig, is one of two things, be an early adopter... you pay the premium but though my experience buying hardware right away while its fresh, normally overclocks and runs cooler than the products produced later down the line, this helps to build hype on hardware to make consumers who sit and watch buy down the road, or you have option b, sit and wait, and buy the revisions as soon as they come out, they normally have smaller chips, run cool, and are very efficient, over their predecessors. But like I said the early adopters have it made, I have 2x 280 GTX FTW cards that are just amazing, Buying them was great they have lasted me over 2 months, and clock past their new replacements the 285 GTX FTW's...
  9. Esat, I work in the game industry last studio I worked at was EA Tiburon "no I do not test games". Physx is far from a dead end. Since there are a handful of studios using it now, and more signing up coming up.... Did you also know physx is also supported on the console? Since the UT3 engine will still be one of the most dominant engines on the market in terms of being user friendly to the artist it's safe to say that physx is here to stay. Also not just evga classified can benefit from this... so can the your bottom gpu in cooler masters lower end cases, by getting a pci fan and attaching a 120mm 90-150 CFM to blow straight into your gpu. Have a mod for one that quite a few people on the evga forums actually use. Now doing something like that how is that not a benefit? Have you ran sli or tri sli in say a cm 690 chassis? or Tri sli in a cm stacker 830? With the 200 series or the 4870x2's? even setting your gpu fans to 100% does not help much. So I am pretty sure it's safe to say with more and more games needing crossfire/trifire or sli/tri sli at higher resolutions since tech is getting cheaper and cheaper. An 8 slot motherboard/motherboard tray is actually a benefit.... as more larger lcds are made more affordable and prices on nvidia and ati cards keep going down allowing for multiple gpu setups. So being a game industry professional I pretty much know where games are headed. So being a game industry professional I pretty much know where games are headed. So going with an 8+ pci slot mobo would not be a bad idea...
  10. Ok since this will not let me edit my original post will be sure to check this one before I hit submit. Many of your cases only come with 7x pci slots; it would be nice having an 8 pci slot + case/motherboard tray with the new motherboards coming out supporting that many pci slots. Asus has one and so does EVGA... It would be betting if you made motherboard trays and cases to accommodate more customers’ people would not be going to other vendors for solutions. Once I modded my CM Stacker 830 Evo's Motherboard Tray it kept me from going and buying a lian li p80 or an abs Canyon. My next purchase will be one of the two cases mentioned unless cm comes out with something better. I have owned about 12 Cooler Master Cases so far… But Cooler Master cases are starting to not meet my needs, and I am sure many others. Will you guys be making an 8+ pci slot case or motherboard in the future? Here are a few pictures of my successful mod being used using the cm stacker 830 motherboard tray that was modded to have an extra pci slot on te back, an exhaust fan for the gpus "since todays hardware is a lot hotter" with an EVGA x58 Classified with a 280 GTX FTW in the bottom pcie slot to show the mod actually works. I may post some more pictures later, one mistake I made is the hole for the cpu mouse needs to go more to the right on the case or really it needs to be extended to the right to accommodate both the x58’s and the EVGA x58 classified.
  11. Well I have been hoping you guys would make some cases with 8 pci slots or more, I know you have a few, but nothing I like personally, the Scout woud be awesome if it had 8 pci slots in the back, I amsure alot of people buying the EVGA classified might buy it... Also more cases with removable motherboard trays along with 8x pci slots... I just had to mod my cm stacker 830 evo motherboard tray today for the EVGA classified so i could have tri sli, and a dedicated physx card... I put this in justfor the cm v10.... should not have to take out whole mobo to remove cpu coler Also higher cfm fans with your products would b nice.... and being able to buy your fans....Make the scout with 8-10 pci slots, I bet you would sell alot of them...
  12. donta1979

    Aquagate Max

    Depends if cooler master stuck with the plan of most kits and used the unerversal barbs. If they did the ones you want can be picked up at
  13. I will be using it, you would have to read up on how much heat your pumping out on your gpus, me I am just going to have a second water cooling setup just for my gpus as to not run into problems. will be doing this shortly actually, waiting on mine to arrive, But the setup is going to be i7 920 "Come on psu and 4ghz" EVGA x58 12gigs of Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 Ram "Using current Dominator Ram fan Coolers" 1 to 3 1TB Hard Drives installed "others will be hot swapped out by a Drive bay or a usb hot swapable." 2x 280 GTX FTW's "Might go Tri SLI later Idle 38/44c Load 50-68c on air getting EVGA 200 HC gpu coolers" CM 690 Nvidia Edition "going to have to mod" Thermaltake Thoughpower 1000w "none modular consuming roughly 670-730watts max load with current setup at stock" CoolerMaster Aquagate MAX CPU liquid cooling APOGEEâ„¢ GTZ Extreme Performance CPU water-block w/ i7 mount "fixing the weakest link in kit" 8 Feet of clear 3/8 tubing w/coils For more water cooling later on gpus "Just to have a little extray laying around" My Current system ... sysid=5308 But to get all of this into my current case and have it look good I might have to get creative have all the tools at my disposal to do some modding on case"adding second rad pump, res later for gpus". If I have the time, I want to do the halo3 360 edition paint job on the case with my job do not have a ton of free time. Hardware will be here on the 30th and 31st, water cooling parts in the first week of next month.
  14. It would be very easy to add gpus to this kit but.1 How much thermal heat does your cpu put out. 2 how much does each of your gpus put out? 3 Do you exeed the 600w? Next the block if you want any kind of enthusiast overclocking the stock water block that comes with this kit had to go it is the weakest link. but for around 190-220 US Dollars the kit is actually pretty good minus that one thing. A good review of this product can be found at Now as for the gpu blocks do not skimp out get the full blocks, but if your going to add gpus into the loop I would suggest adding a second radiator so its setup your loop like this Pump to CPU to Rad, to GPUS to Rad back to Pump "and the proccess continues in a circle" For just a cpu setup Pump, to Block, To Rad, to Pump "circle of life..." Now back to the cpu block you can shave about 10-15c with a Quality Block on this kit about 70 bucks if your going with an i7 setup. Do not get gpu block that is nickel plated, you want copper pure copper. And if your running cards that run hot you will want to throw a second rad into the setup...