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  1. MeeksMan13

    My HAF

    I de-riveted it, painted it, and now am watercooling it all internal. I updated the meager thread I had before, but I thought I would add a new one so I could see people's comments and Ideas on my build. I have: Laing D5 Vario EK X-Top Rev2 Apogee XT FrozenQ Inverse T-Virus Reservoir All bitspower Black Matte Barbs (1/2") 7/16" ID, 11/16" OD Tygon Tubing
  2. anyone have any input on this? moderators, members, anyone?
  3. I think that CM should offer a windowed side panel for purchase from the store. Window mods are the second most prevalent mod (right after painting the inside). It would be nice for people such as myself who don't have access to the tools for this. I'm sure a lot people would like to invest in this to show off what's inside their rig
  4. Am I the only one who wishes CM had painted the inside of the case black when they were producing it?
  5. I'm working on installing the heatsink right now, I'm using the socket 775 brackets and I was wondering (because the instructions are unclear) whether or not the anti-vibration pads have the sticky side towards the cooler, mother board, or if it doesn't matter
  6. I just bought this cooler, it looks great, but I can only use one of the fan on the rear of the heatsink because the heatsinks on my RAM are so tall >.
  7. MeeksMan13

    HAF side panel

    I just got my HAF 932 the other day and I started to put it together and I noticed that it is a bit hard to put the side panels back on. On the left side panel, I have to put the top screw in first and then bend the side panel (it's a little warped) to put the second screw in. On the right side panel, whichever screw I put in first, it's a pain in the butt to put the second screw in. Is anyone else having issues like this with their HAF or is it just mine?
  8. I know it's been a while since someone posted on the worklog, but Ferry, this case kicks :).
  9. The V8 has a copper base with a high quality nickel plating. Awesome. Thanks, Ice
  10. I know that it says the base is copper, but does it have aluminum plating on it? I want to use the Liquid Pro TIM on it, but it eats through aluminum and low grade metals. Is it safe to use it on the V8?
  11. Oh, and I had another question: Is the thermal compound that comes with the V8 good or should I go ahead and buy some?
  12. Sweet, thanks guys. Sorry if it was a obvious question, it's just that this is the first computer that i'm building and I want to make sure I do it right :D I definitely don't plan on dropping the case lol
  13. I like the 'HAF on the left panel. The mesh is a cool idea, but I wanna show off my rig. I do like being able to choose between 1x230 mm fan or 4x120 mm fans, though. It would be awesome if CM could find a way to have the clear side and keep the choice on what kind of fans you want open, that would be awesome.
  14. I'm in the process of building a computer. I have the EVGA 780i FTW Board, the HAF 932 Case, and the Core 2 Duo E8500. I'm interested in buying the V8 for my heatsink (I plan to overclock). I'm gonna be making trips between my home and my college ( 5 hour drive) and I want to know if it's gonna be safe to have the V8 or if it's going to be too heavy and potentially cause damage on the trips.