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  1. you mean like the one we showed at Computex?
  2. can't believe this is only the first mod you guys ever made!
  3. Looks impressive! If this was started less than 6 months ago, you should enter it into the contest!
  4. Can't wait to see it come to life!
  5. Amazing work! Totally get how it was developed from the original engine concept!
  6. Just wanted to share an interview we did with Ronnie. It's pretty amazing that he only go into modding 5 years ago and sort of exploded with winning Bit-tech Mod of the Year and getting featured on Forbes a few times. Check out the interview here:
  7. Sorry, we made a mistake in the rules. We've changed it to having the start date no earlier than January 1st, 2014. It was our intention to make the contest a gathering of the best work from the modding community. It was not right for us to exclude anyone that had been recognized for their passionate work. Please accept our apologies. Cooler Master team
  8. PC gaming still going strong! $21.5 billion market! "JPR defines PC gaming hardware as personal computers, upgrades, and peripherals used for gaming. With that mind, the PC gaming hardware market stands at $21.5 billion, which is big enough to lap the console gaming hardware market, and then some."
  9. Thanks chronofusion, this is valuable feedback that'll help us improve future editions. Will ask our engineers to look into the suggestions you've given. And keep the ideas coming!
  10. Expensive at MNPCTech, but it's one of the few places that sold it (out of stock at the moment):
  11. Hi all, If anyone is interested in helping Cooler Master with some feedback and ideas to develop future cases, please message me.