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  1. Make it all copper and throw a super high CFM fan in there. Screw sound, screw weight. PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!! If you made it all copper you would pretty much blow away all the competition for years to come. As if the V8 isnt already doing that now, but it wont hold the title forever.
  2. You could use rubber gaskets to secure the fan.
  3. Do you have a multimeter/voltmeter? The best way to test any power supply is to completely ignore the motherboard and any software on the operating system as almost ALL of them severely under report voltage.
  4. You should be fine as long as you put the appropriate retention back plates and such on it and make sure that you dont drop the case.
  5. I really like the cosmos but i definitely thought that there was some room for improvement on the inside's looks. Sounds like they're answering this with the new cases. Hopefully though, it wont be too expensive since thats one of the biggest turn offs for a case.
  6. I think this is a pertainent question as some people with midtowers will probably not be able to fit this cooler inside their cases. Judging by the size of my current cooler i would say that a Full Tower should easily accommodate this cooler.
  7. This PSU looks like a great choice for gamers and overclockers but the big question is, how loud does it get under full load?
  8. This thing(the V10) looks awesome i would absolutely love to fit this beast inside my case!