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  1. Coolermaster should do their absolute best to retain the brushed alu look..... It separates them from the rest !
  2. Hi Grump, The case really turned out to be a bomber! Jolly good job mate! I was wondering... The film lighting thing you did to your Aerogate 1.... is it possible to do that to the Aerogate 2? Thanx
  3. Well - Anodizing Will give you Color Yes.. But Anodizing will Retain the Brushed look. Powdercoating and Paint give you a Car Paintjob look. Hope that help's ya out. Grump : need my morning Fix were ya at?? (Take your time) Ok,thanx alot Platinum you cleared me doubts ! So there are shops out there that will do his job for me eh... Thanx.
  4. Hi ^^ :: I will answer what I think Grump did for the Textures you see. The Textures in all are from the base Powder Coating. From that Point all Textures will carry thru the paintjob's No Brushed alluminum = Brushed alliminum it is done thru a Sanding and Chemical Proccess -- Anodized Alluminum = Colored and ClearCoated if you wish for the Protection and Shine. If you would just like a Dull Colored Finish you dont need the Teflon Coating that they usually use after the Anodizing Proccess. Grump: Great Run thru on how to Highlight and Paint Perimiter's with a Fade Effect. Yes, the Switches do look very good. Go for it Keep up the Fun. brushed alu has lines on it and anodized alu has sort of an automotive paintjob finish... Is that correct? Thanx
  5. Hi, Was browsing the FAQ and encountered this : Whats this about the NEW wavemaster ? Thanx
  6. Hello :: Yes, There is a Way you can do this the word you may look for is Anodizing This is a procedure done to allot of alluminum you will most likly need to Google for the Area you live in to find a place that can do this for you. Place I goto is SAPA This company did a Few of my Paintball Gun's and some PC Cases in Full They did a Great job but they are located in Portland OR. im sure you can find a Site Close to you on this same detail. SAPA Web Site I can give allot of Details about Anodizing if you like just contact me. Have Fun hope this helped out. Hi, Thanks alot for the reply.... So does this mean : Brushed Alu = Anodized Alu ? I'm a newbie here Thanx
  7. Hi Grump, I'm lookin to paint my Wavemaster too but I love the brushed alu so much... Is there anyway I can get the surface to stay the same while only changing the color? Thanx