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    CM Stacker 832SE

    If only our 83x stacker is as big as this 840 while being "fatter" to fit in the V8 with the side fan tray. Airflow doesn't seem to be a prob for me even with just the 2 fans that came with the case, temps inside are just about 1 or 2°C more than ambient. Maybe cos my E8400 & 8800GTS are just too low spec'ed to stress this case?
  2. It sure looks good but I do wonder if the black bottom will have any impact on it's thermal conductivity.
  3. He did mention that using DFI lan party UT nf4 SLI-D. The location and design of the chipset fan is terrible, right between the end of the 2 PCI-E slots (it'll block the 1st PCI-E slot if changed to a taller chipset cooler). I don't live in UK so there's no way I could suggest him something. Where I come from, I'll probably be able to find some unbranded ones to do the job. Tech Report has a review on it.
  4. I am using the supplied thermal paste cos I couldn't wait a few more days just to go elsewhere to buy something else. Temps are close to what the reviews had shown, how much diff I'm not sure cos my ambient temp is higher too. Temp ard 41°C / 39°C ( Core #0/Core#1) according to Core Temp 0.99.3 at idle ard 27°C ambient.
  5. During transportation, I'll have my case lying down so that the v8 is standing vertically just to be double sure.
  6. I suppose it'll fit, I've got it on MSI P45 Platinum with that "weird" looking fin.
  7. Do you even have a Stacker? They're huge. Unfortunately not I bought the Tt Tsunami just 2 mths before the Stacker 830 came out , now that I'm sick of it, shopping time again Did get to see both the Cosmos S & Stacker 832 in store, torn between the 2. Love the design of the Stacker but wishing it's as big as the Cosmos.
  8. I just love big cases They're just so much easier to reach to your drives, power/reset buttons ... etc w/o needing to find something to jack up the height of the case or bend low just to get to it. Maybe ard the height of the Cosmos or slightly taller will be good?
  9. 1. Case (BLUE): 4 2. Case (RED): 5 3. Case (WARFARE): 1 4. Case (DIAMOND): 2 5. Case (SPARTAN): 3
  10. The only case better than the current 83x stackers would be a bigger stacker 83x Add some cable management and bottom mounted PSU and it would be the perfect case for me