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  1. I have a condition that affects my hand-eye coordination so I'd more likely end up just ruining the side panel - factory made ones are pretty much the only option for me. Coolermaster: The number one complaint reviewers have about the HAF 932 is how unsightly the left panel is - surely providing a plain windowed option would alleviate that? Plus the type of people that buy the HAF 932 will be people that like to show off their rigs but at the moment that's very difficult as the left panel isn't as transparent as it could be
  2. Are there any plans to bring out a full windowed side panel? Getting rid of the mesh, the plexiglass with the stripes on it and the big metal area in the front with the HAF logo on it? Even a partial windowed one would be cool, getting rid of the mesh and the stripy plexiglass. Of course it would still need the 230mm fan mount, but that'd only need a hole and a fan guard. /CaptObvious
  3. Any ideas whether they're available in the UK yet? I haven't been able to find them. Plus I'd *love* a clear 230mm fan with no LEDs. Or maybe a UV reactive green one but I could paint one if necessary with UV reactive paint. I just ordered a HAF and I really don't want the inside of my case to be red. I get that having LED fans is cool, but it's not nice when you see all these components and have to decide against buying a particular cooler because the manufacturer decides to have a blue LED fan on it and it'll look like rubbish in your case Let the users decide which, if any, colour they want in their cases! Heh. Sorry about the rant. /CaptObvious