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  1. Completed my build over the holiday weekend. Here's some initial thoughts (I'm no professional reviewer, just a regular consumer): Pos: *Case is big with lots of internal space. Wider than most full tower cases, would fit most full-sized cpu coolers no problem. *Aside from the thin (but not flimsy) side panels, overall build quality is great. Didn't cut myself once! *Very stylish looks, only wish the logo on the front was black, being silver it stands out quite a bit (wheres my Sharpie?) The case I got is silver on the inside *Air flow management is quite good. Please note, due to the build I used (see below) I put in 3 high flow 120mm fans in the optional hdd slot (2) as well as the bottom slot (1). *Due to the included 230mm fans, computer is very quite, which is a big plus. *Removable motherboard tray, smooth as butter to get in and out. Made putting mb together so much easier. *Biggest plus for me was cable management. Due to it's size and options, cable management is the best I've worked with since I started building my own computers from scratch (2000). The case power/reset as well as the I/O cables are long enough to route out of site to the MB. Space behind the mother board is just right to fit the CPU power connector along with routed power cables. In the end, none of the cables routed throughout the case are blocking any airflow from all 7 fans installed. Neg: *Tight fit into the CD/DVD/BD drive bays. Had to wiggle it, just a little bit to get them in. *Umm, not really a neg, but because it is sooo savvy looking, you will notice every fingerprint and rub mark on the entire case. Be sure you have dust-free cloth handy! Build: Foxconn Destroyer 9950 Phenom OC 2.8GHz, Core-contact freezer cooler OCZ Platinum 1066 4GB RAM BFG GTX 260 in SLi WD 320Gb HDD Samsung DVD Multi-drive Scythe KM02 Fan controller I'll post pic when I get the chance!
  2. I bought it for MSRP ($279) plus shipping. It was the only place this past Saturday that had it available because I wanted to get it before Thanksgiving and build it over the holiday. This is gonna be my AMD build (in anticipation of Phenom II) because i7 core costs too dang much. Nothing like Frankensteining a beast, football, beer, and turkey!
  3. That store's a ripoff Now you tell me... Wait! What! Why?
  4. W00T! Just bought mines from FrozenCPU!
  5. I may have missed it, but do all the fans have removable fan filters? Also, can the top fan be reversed to intake air (vs exhaust air)? One more thing, November 25? Can't it be sooner? I wanted to build my beast over the Thanksgiving weekend, not sit around waiting for UPS or FedEx to come by!