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  1. just my thoughts,with two huge fans blowing under and almost at (side) a dead zone for air close to the intake side of the cooler is pulling in A room temp air standing or heated circulated air from the lower case sections.I would recheck my cables for air blocking issues and remount the cooler to vent upwards and redo the TIM ..see what happens Pictures of the inside of the case would help some also
  2. Your going to need the complete part number for starters.CM has made many different 650w PSU's .
  3. great post! and follow up.Very well written and explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CM might want to have you write the manuals ! Your in detail walk threw actually had me more interested in buying it after understanding it much better then anything ive read about it elsewhere .Thank you very much
  4. from the pictures i cant see them all but it looks like your not using the motherboard mounting posts under the motherboard and its causing the gap.looking at the pic's provided the motherboard is almost flush against the case .Granted the angle and not seeing all the mounting posts its just a first assumption
  5. HAF-X also it has areas that could benefit and be updated IMO.
  6. viewtopic.php?f=25&t=14442 search button does wonders
  7. TireX ....Woah those are some of the most creative unique ideas ive ever seen made. Please post any other projects you have done ,Do you start from scratch with no base case and make all the parts custom? Totally blew me away looking at these .Well done!
  8. exaggerate much ? im running Two 480's at 850/1700/2000 70% fans on both and i idle at 44-50C load max temps are 75-80C typical believing the SemiAccurate (ya i just threw up in my mouth even trying to type that website name)biased Anti Nvidia puke from charlie
  9. never a problem with the V10 here and paste.Ive used thermalfusion 400 6 times on my CPU 5 times with the V10 never one issue like those mentioned above.Im going to :)-U-Me you removed the motherboard or had it laying down before you removed the V10 as not doing so is asking for damage to the CPU and its socket from bending while the socket is loosened to take off the V10.
  10. I was thinking (gasp) then i remembered that this ... il&id=6037 ... _1609.html CoolerMaster Spec sheet link ... =firefox-a the R4-L2R-20CR-GP is a 3 pin that comes with a 3-4 pin adaptor its spec'ed that way on quite a few sites selling it So what is really going on here lol My original V10 fans were a 3 pin fan ,the replacement fan is daisy chained with a 3 pin but the other fan has a 4 pin plug.they are still both the same part number on the fans.
  11. does CM offer these for sale ?
  12. A12025-24RB-4BP-F1 is the part number on both sets of my V10 fans ... max_4.html not sure why but here they are listed as the fans in the V10 / V8 ... mAfMucyoCQ ... _1609.html I think these fans are one in the same one R4-L2R-20CR-GP is just the single sale retail. (quoted from my post elsewhere) But this seems right or is the V10 fans a special order only part from CM that comes with some products?
  13. that is better then i thought it would be (and knowing some of your work you outdid yourself !) Spectacular .Any chance of making that a Case wrap for sale (or personalize the colors)? Im really dieing to see this with the leds on now
  14. Fantastic fans btw, i have 2 on a V10 and plan on replacing 8 other 120's in my case with them