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  1. I don't know then, make an overclocking Edition of certain coolers. Add a fan/with controller *high CFM* Add more heatpipes/fins Add more copper Add a TEC on certain ones or a TEC upgrade kit. And I think that design I made would work well, because water does not like to change heat. It's pretty much like a AquaGate 120, but all in one piece. Easier to install and less space.
  2. I personally think you guys should make a mix of Great performance, price, and looks. Price range of maybe $50, and kinda a whole radiator/waterblock in 1. No tubing. Didn't put alot of work into that pic but thats an idea. You could make an overclockers edition and stick a TEC on it. :) you could just put TEC's on some of your products now. Make a new line for overclocking.
  3. I would like to check, but it would be hard with black tubing. I want to replace it with clear and put a T-line on it. I was just wondering the sizes and if that fluid/radiator mix would work.
  4. I bought this for $35(free s&h ) and it rocks. I just have some simple questions though. I have it on a CPU-GPU set-up and just one 70MMx2 rad isn't cutting it. I was going to buy a 80MM rad and slap it in the back of the case. I just wanted to know, would the pump be able to handle it? What are the Tube size are this? Also can I replace the fluid with 10% radiator fluid/90% distilled water mix? One last thing, I don't think this thing has an RMA sense they had a no return policy on the site, but one of the 70MM sounded like it was dying on 12V so its on 5V now. The pump also sometimes goes GURGLEGURGLEGURGLE when I start my PC and i have to shut it off and on really fast for it to start working. Could there be air bubbles stuck in the pump? I have the radiator above everything else I don't see how. cooler master rocks