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  1. I'd like to hear information about pricing and retail availability as well.
  2. Please say yes CM Media 280 has the potential to be a great MythTV HTPC case. I'm sure most people on the AVS forums would agree. Unfortunately, when it comes to MythTV, there are limited options for cases with IR support for MythTV linux's Lirc ( http://www.lirc.org/ ) . If Coolermaster pledges support for Lirc it would go a long way to drive sales of CM Media 280/281 units. Edit: Based on the CM Media 280 PDF product literature (link below) it appears the IR receiver in this case uses iMON. If that's true I'm guessing it would work with Lirc and I answered my own question. Anyone have any success or personal experience using this case with MythTV? CM Media 280/281 product literature: http://www.coolermaster.com/product_com ... RC-280_281).pdf
  3. My appologies, edited for accuracy.. My guess is the revised bracket was included since the stacker revision. On the downside, when I placed an order with Coolermaster's US office for a bracket a couple of weeks ago, I received the original bracket.. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that the stacker face cover could not clear the original 3.5" bracket when I tried to mount the CM real power wattage meter.. Hopefully, the US office will inquire into receiving some of the revised brackets, because anyone with a 3.5" slot fan controller or similar short slot items will find they are unable to mount them without that revised bracket.
  4. They came with the stacker.. From the looks of things, the revision was made in order to make the front panels more accessible from below The 3.5" drive brackets allow for short single screw 3.5" drive aparatus, like the real power wattage meter.. If you try and mount the 3.5" real power wattage meter to the original bracket on page 1 of this thread in dropper's pictures, you'll find out that you can't install the stacker 3.5" face plate due to interference from the brackets. The revised brackets are cut as not to interfere with the face plate.. If you look at Droppers pictures you'll see he only mounted to the rear two screws.. The front mouting position could not be used or else he would have had the same issue with installation of the front face plate. Just tested the original bracket when trying to mount the real power wattage meter and there's no way the face plate will install..
  5. They came with the stacker.. From the looks of things, the revision was made in order to make the front panels more accessible from below
  6. From memory, the cut-outs are approximately 99mm long on the old panel and approximately 108mm long on the revised panel. I didn't measure the width but they look the same. Our X850XT PE wouldn't fit as it needed about 101mm but the new panel we were sent recently gives it plenty of room. David. Thanks for the reply, I got around 97-98mm with a tape measure.. I lined up an ASUS dual dvi x800xl and it didn't look like it was going to fit at all.. Took a couple pictures just measuring the slot with a tape measure, but it's kind of hard to get an accurate representation from the camera.. The best image that came out is below Click image to enlarge The 100 millimeter mark is right at the red 10, which is lined up directly at the edge of the slot.. So it appears this case purchased less than two weeks ago isn't a stacker with revised pci slot after all... Bryan will this image be sufficient, in order to receive a replacement?
  7. An easy method to allow people to test before installing components would be to release slot dimensions Pre-revision pci panel and post revision pci panel... This would verify whether or not the stacker bought contains a revised panel.. Just having purchased a stacker less than two weeks ago I'm still waiting on some components for a new build.. I've got a dual dvi card, but it will still probably be a week or two before final assembly with motherboard installed.. It just seems like a rather large inconvience to have to go through the motions of installing a motherboard/graphics card then taking a picture only to have to remove it again, when it could be possible to verify through measuring the panel itself..
  8. Just received the same response.. It's ridiculous..
  9. Just call kevin up? Be about the 4th time in a week.. Getting to know him well Also what's your recommendation for cleaning the aluminum surfaces? Anything in particular besides water and a paper towel? Kind of affraid to use anything alcohol based due to the black coating.. There's the usual dust build up that comes with something straight from the factory and looking forward to cleaning things up.. Edit: Forgot to say thanks for the quick response.. It's much appreciated
  10. Damn this thing is huge.. First thing I noticed once I removed the stacker out of the box though were the marks on the upper plastic and dents in the upper metal.. =/ I can probably live with the dents, but is it possible to order a replacement plastic piece for the top section and if so how difficult would it be to replace the plastic? I can only imagine ZZF will be a pain to deal with on this. Picture below of the marks on the plastic, which look like areas missing the clear coating...
  11. Which retailers in North America will carry this panel for sale? Unfortunately, UPS ground is not available in this area..
  12. June 28, has come and gone, any updates?