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  1. That's not what I'm saying and try LinX, I bet you will pop over 75C easy. I know what I'm talking about, HT, causes a power consumption and heat difference. So 4 threads runs cooler then 8 threads. But it still maxs out the CPU performance. The only thing you will see better about 8 threads is in HEAVY multi-threaded apps.
  2. Now. I've been using V10 for awhile. I have some general concerns about the performance of atleast my unit. I'm running the Core i7 920 on a Evga X58 Classified motherboard with the V10 as a cooler. Right now it's overclocked to 4190mhz for the CPU. At 1.3875v. From my Knowledge. This should be within the 250w thermal range of the V10 cooler to handle. But maxing out the load using the LinX tool based on Intel's Linpack testing tools. Shown me that each of my cores when stressed with HT mode off, have peaked over 100c after 5 cycles using 1536mb of memory. Which is strange. I've tried resitting the cooler. The room ambient temp is about 60-65F. The motherboard temps are sitting at 59C, VRM is at 50C. Under the same load. So it's doing good. Maybe my TEC unit isn't kicking on? Because right now it just feels like a overweighted Thermalright cooler. I just wanna see what people's opinion about this is.
  3. Whats better NanoFusion? or ThermalFusion 400?
  4. Icejon, You guys are doing a good job on the mirror like finishes on the CPU coolers, If you could do any better, I'm sure everyone in the enthusiast market would love you longtime. Everyone at XS wants a high grade mirror finish on their coolers and As you possibly know, If you get them, you get a large share of the market So If I can see in the reflection of the CPU coolers base a quarter (in details) so to say, that is a awesome finish. So full copper V10, with a aluminum jacket (To help get rid of heat), with a super mirror finish on the copper base, I'll say that would beat alot of coolers on the market, even a water cooled system.
  5. A Full copper version of the V10. Which I want to beta test.
  6. Dude, That's hardcore. I want my Cosmos S like that!