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  1. fisrt off title says it all but there are a few reasons as to why which I will cover below. yesterday I was in a local store and picked up an original stryker pc case, I bought it to move my roomies components from her mid size case to a larger one because her little case was a dust magnet with its airflow. anyway long story short and the reasons im disappointed with CM: 1, the box ( which was factory sealed) did not include any of the hard drive caddies which are required to install hard drives ( the floppy drive parts are in the box though o.O) 2. calling cm usa is a joke, Michael cohen is apparently never in his office and voicemail hangs up on you at the point where you are suppose to leave a message. 3. auotomated attempts go unanswered ( automated as in e-mail) 3 live chat ( spent 20 minutes on "live" chat waiting for a reply from something other than computer generated greeting just now) so umm yeah live my foot. at the end of the day all I want is the hard drive cages that were suppose to come with this case and if I end up having to make so be it but I can promise you one thing I have been a loyal CM customer in the past but that has changed today, I mean without support a company is useless.
  2. at least you make it far enough to press #, it hangs up on me after "Michael cohen". personally I think the US office is a fake and if there is an actual employee cm is paying him to not show up because I have never heard anyone that has actually reached cm NA on the phone, everyone has the exact same Michael cohen hang up story.
  3. I feel you and calling cm is a joke as they don't respond in any capacity and when the phone does pick up it is vm intro then hang up best thing I can say is follow my lead and don't buy one. until cm takes the customers seriously and answer the questions we have based on the growing number of ram not fitting and top pcie slot covered, to glose to top gpu I don't think anyone should buy a wraithripper. I mean really when you do see someone showing it off it is on 1 of 2 boards and msi meg or an asus so does that mean the board and ram combos were msi meg boards and asus boards usng low pro ram? if so the wraithripper would not classify in my eyes as a viable cooling solution for TR4 if it is only compatible with 2 boards and low pro ram
  4. from what I have read about it you probably don't want it anyway. I have found hundreds of complaints online about ram slots being covered, top pcie slot being covered and if you happen to get a board that the wraithripper does clear the top gpu slot the cooler is dangerously close to the PCB on the gpu. I have tried repeatedly to contact CM for a list of the board and ram combos they have tried but since cm cant be bothered to pic up a phone, or have it go from wrng to vm intro to hang up, I personally wont be spending $120 of my hard earned cash on one I mean what do you do if you need warranty or rma and you cant even get cm to acknowledge your exsistance. good by CM you have lost a customer in me