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  1. Got another question, wat other fan will fit in the V8? the new coolermaster fan the excaliber? will that fit?
  2. I am having a similar problem, mine is spinning at a very slow speed. Also very inconsistent, is this a power problem? How do i change the fan without taking apart my entire computer? Any help and recommendations on new fans, i want more airflow since im replacing it
  3. sorry for the long time no replay, i ended up going out and getting the v8. and funny enough im getting better temps wit the v8 than wit the aquagate. im rather turned off from water cooling since a family member spent $200 on that system and it did not really cool my computer the way I thought it would but the $80 v8 is doin the job just fine. im peaking at 90 degrees and keeping the case a lil more cool. any ideas on software that runs the fans?
  4. That was no help, if ur not gonna help plz stay away.
  5. i was using my aquagate on my q6600 2.4 ghz and i was getting avg. idle temp of 85-93 degrees F and when playing games it would peak 110 sometimes but i would either in the winter open the windows and let cold air in or in the summer crank the ac. did u modify your aquagate at all, the pump just went out on mine so that could of been a factor to why it wasn't working too good lately. any input would be good also if u know how to replace the pump would be good.
  6. subject says it all, went out the other day. any suggestions on replacing it. this other aquagate wasn't really doin the job for my 2.4 quad core so im thinkin of keepin it for video card cooling. where can i get a new pump or is this unit basically done?