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  1. Here's one (posted this in support too). This weekend I removed the V8 to clean it out as my rig had sucked up lots of dust. When I went to reinstall the cooler, one of the mounting screws snapped off. Now it's useless, unless I can somehow get more screws (and a nut). I used a real 9mm wrench instead of the one supplied, but I didn't tighten the nut terribly tight, or at least it didn't seem so.
  2. I'll try to take some pics of my rig, but until I do I can add some comments, esp comparing the V8 to a Zalman 9700. First, with mounting the Zalman is easier due to the fact it mounts a bracket first, then the cooler mounts to the bracket. However the V8 has a much more solid mounting scheme. Initial mounting can be painful with the cooler mounting through the mobo, and trying to attach the nuts to the screws through the back plate. (Word of advice, use a real 9mm socket, not what's given in the bag). The fan controller on the V8 is also better, giving you a backplate compared to the Zalmans control knob which either mounts inside (where I had it), or outside somewhere with 2 sided tape. Points for the V8. I'm glad to see CoolerMaster is taking our criticisms about the fan mount to heart and changing it on production parts. As for performance, with my Q9450 overclocked to 3.4 GHz (stock voltage), at idle I initially saw idle temps of average 39C across the 4 cores, full load of 45C. After the grease set in, I was getting idle temps ~28C and load of 42C or so, this was with the fan set to about 75% max speed on the dial, which seems to suck the most air through in conjunction with the back fan. What impressed me most though was the drop in temperatures after the CPU falls idle. The Zalman (which I ran at about 50% fan speed otherwise it sounds like a jet) would take a few seconds to cool the CPU down to near idle temps. With the V8 though, it literally was instant - a split second - and the temps were back down. Thumbs up! I'd also like to mention that I complained to CoolerMaster about the thermal grease... but I'd like to retract that statement. I was getting those great temperatures, and I had botched the grease when installing the unit (it was kind of thick). So I took it off, and applied the "standard" thermal compound (yes, applied correctly) and my temps have actually increased by 5-6 degrees! I'm going to get a tube of coolermaster grease and reapply and see if they come back down. Oh yeah, it looks cool too with those red lights and engine design. Matches the Cosmos or Cosmos S case perfectly.