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  1. I was wondering if you offered the in-line temperature sensors for individual purchase for the Aquagate Max? I am expanding my loop beyond just the CPU and wanted another 1-2 sensors to keep track of temperatures in various parts of my system. I was looking at your online store, but couldn't find any in the parts section, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks for your time!
  2. Bumping this because I was just wondering if the upgrade bracket was available yet for the Aquagate Max, or a possible ETA now that the i7 chips are out? I have my parts ordered and on the way, can't wait to get my rig up and running. This will be just one of the many bottlenecks to come I'm sure, lol. Anyways, thanks for all the info
  3. I was just wondering if Cooler Master was planning to release a bracket for the new 1366 chips when they come out for liquid cooling? I have an Aquagate Max but am planning to wait for the 1366 chips to come out until I build everything, just because they are around the corner. I can always go with a 3rd party bracket if need be, but I am fond of the general product reliability and quality of Cooler Master products. Plus, I figure it's always better to go with parts from the people who make the cooler. (Though I will have to go with someone else for the blocks on my HD 4870x2s). Anyways, thanks for any info on socket 1366 blocks!
  4. Aquagate Max: ... ct_id=2727 Hello, I'm sorry to make this my first post to the boards but... I recently purchased and received a HAF 932 case and an Aquagate Max. The fill port does NOT line up with the Aquagate Max, nor does it seem plausible you could fill the reservoir like the picture shows on the box. Even if you put the radiator in backwards so you could fit the reservoir in the top two bays, you still have a significant gap from the fill hole (through the plastic lining, then the case metal, plus some dead air between the top of the case and the reservoir) to try and overcome. In order to use the fill hole you'd have to open up the side panel, unmount the reservoir, push it back, and then figure out how to remove the screw cap through the hole (possibly a magnet) and then hope you could pour in your solution through the dead space without spilling it all over the top of the reservoir. I actually came to these forums seeking a solution to make this work. I was hoping to possibly find an accessory offered. Something like a part that would screw into the reservoir (where the cap would normally screw in) with a hose hookup, much like the hookups on the back of the reservoir (or the radiator). Then you could hook a hose up to the reservoir, run it up through the dead space and there is enough space between the plastic lining and case metal on the HAF 932 to mount an end cap with threading for the original reservoir cap. This would keep the system closed to air and dust, but allow you to easily fill it without resorting to extra long funnels and/or making a horrible mess. This could even fix it not lining up correctly if you mounted it down one space to give room for the hose to bend slightly. However, much of this could be fixed if it all lined up correctly to begin with. Then you could easily use an extra long funnel to fill it and a magnet to remove and replace the cap. If there are any solutions to this problem, I would love to hear them. I am still more than happy with the case, but one of the selling points over the Cosmos S with the Aquagate Max was the fill spot. I was hoping to avoid my CM Stacker/Original Aquagate fiasco, where I would have to unmount the reservoir if I wanted to fill it (thus I had to elongate all the tubing and cram it into the case when I pushed the reservoir back in). The Aquagate Max looks awsome though. I can't wait to get it all up and running when I finish building my new PC. Thank you for your time!