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  1. Hi the switch is for light effects
  2. well you can easily put 2 8 year childrens in it. What?Two or eight years childrens :S? What do you want to say?
  3. Hi, i have a new photos: Watersatation not complete... and my idea... after...
  4. unfortunately, because 'the package that contains both expected the last pieces for the plant was lost: (
  5. In my opinion, lacks a window on the side, do not ruin the aesthetics if done well. watch this: A good windows...with chrome border
  6. Nice, this is my CM 690 link to post: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=10879
  7. You're the best!What do you have used for paint lateral panel?
  8. Unfortunately, I know, but since it will 'disassemble everything in a week to mount the waterblock, I am committed much
  9. First I have taken apart the computer to pieces (:doh:) to enlarge some holes, and paint everything in black: here are the holes facts: Topcap expanded to rheobus: Forum for the passage of wires on the right side of the case extended: ... and now after hours of assembly, are ready to show the order: and CAOS: However, with great strength, and other terminals are able to close it. Here's a picture of the side: Although meshx is processed, the logo is still missing and is therefore incomplete, I do not like at all, and remove.Photo of leds plugin: Pictures in rheobus function: and a picture of frontal low enlightened me with ultraled: Here's a picture overall:
  10. Well I am doing something with it.and the edges are bit bigger so planning to cut them off. Any idea which tool to use the best or any good idea is appreciated. Of coruse
  11. No problem thank you for compliments
  12. i don't think this is a good idea, because the frontal mesh don't allow to see behind
  13. Ahahah yes sorry but i have a big hedache and i haven't write...i have use a translator