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  1. nice work :D, looks epic. Good luck in the competition hope this wins something
  2. final submission day sure crept up fast. I really haven't had the time i needed to spend on this project to get it where i wanted, but oh well, times up now xD here is the final pictures for mine, Will probably be taking it apart and rebuilding in the future with more watercooling parts and m.2 ssds, didn't get to mod the case much never got the dremel in the end Good luck to everyone participating , been interesting watching peoples builds take place
  3. Nice build, dont think you are eligable for the competition though, this was posted by another member on a different thread :
  4. the front of that case is so epic :D. love it
  5. took the case apart to get a better idea of what i'll be doing, will be moving the motherboard tray up a little, removing the cross support bar on one side, and moving it down on the other side and flipping it, will probably have the psu at the bottom. Not set on a psu location just yet. Think i might also make a new backplate for the case to replace the modular one. Will be cutting away some of the drive bay also so its not blocking the view through the mesh. Ordered a dremel :), always wanted one i guess now is the time to get one :D, will start further disassembling the case when it arrives, and cut away a few bits
  6. all setup for initial testing :), went well although cpu voltage is a little on the high side. Runs at 5ghz anyways temps hit 80C tho, may try reseat the cpu block later and retest :). Anyone else testing a 7700k ?, what voltages was it taking to hit turbo (4.5ghz) on stock settings ?, mine was drawing around 1.265v at 4.5ghz :/
  7. Thanks :), Is it also ok that i'm a moderator here? i couldn't log into this account yesterday :s
  8. amazing , nice work man.....
  9. wow, nice build man. Looks sweet . love your attention to detail
  10. . nice job dude this build is really nice
  11. Looking forward to seeing more , good work man
  12. o.0 wow man that is some awesome build. sweet color scheme that gpu block looks sweet
  13. i also have a stacker and the top fan can be quiet fidly too get in, the bracket has too be put in one side at a time and the clips on one side are soild so that side has too be placed into the locating holes first, its also easier too do it the case is empty or if there is no psu as the wires can get in the way , the way i did it was by placing my hand through the gap underneath the psu (red arrow) you can also remove the top by removing the screws which are where the yellow arrorws are (mine is held on with screws i think some are secured using rivets), there on both sides and i think about 6 in total but removing the top can be a bit tricky due to the front plastic panel/power button so i wouldnt recommend doing it that way, also i have my fan bracket the other way around too yours as i think its easier too get in that way