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  1. Thank you for your feedback, noted!
  2. Stunning fabrication! I love the fibreglass panel, will you use the swinging door mechanism or make your own?
  3. While the radiator itself will fit, it would be helpful to know what motherboard you have. Clearance depends on where your socket and memory are. Let me know more details.
  4. I love this mod, how epic and righteous.
  5. That is a good question. I think the question of space is subjective depending on how much space you have. Since the Cosmos II isn't released yet we don't know exactly how large it is. What we do know as Cooler Master has said before, the Cosmos II is 20% larger than the Cosmos 1000. That being a fact, the Cosmos II is not the type of chassis I would put under my desk, or in a tiny room. It will impress you with it's potential.
  6. Check the MaximumPC dream machine article. Just note the production version's finish is black aluminum only.
  7. Just a quick poll. Answer at your leisure.
  8. This chassis is very nice a clean. I really see the details with the side intakes and shapes. I like the fabrication done on the inside parts.
  9. This has been my most consistantly favorite mod. So keep it up because it looks great from even an unfinished perspective.
  10. These are beautiful techniques to share. I am sure we appreciate learning the tools of the hobby as well as the use of chemicals. Are they all available from a hardware store or will we have to shop in a plastics store?
  11. This is beautiful. Its not often you see a computer mod permanently installed as a functional part of a building or a room. Keep it up and I am looking forward to see the elegant but mechanical symmetry.
  12. To my knowledge RC-932-KWN3-GP was a USA specific model with window. It would be good to contact your local in country distributor of CM product and ask if they can order that part number for sale?
  13. Wow, this is a very clean 831se. I like the black look.
  14. The availability will be in the middle of May. The Window will be clear without AMD printing. Sorry for the telecommunications or mixups with earlier posts.
  15. It is not possible to fit a 200mm fan in the front of the CM 690 II chassis body. The CM 690 II is different than the HAF 922, both on overall dimensions and product segments. With the CM 690 II people requested more functions, features and internal space while maintaining the same external dimensions as the original CM 690. It isn't possible without making the CM 690 II much larger, but then if you did, it wouldn't be a CM 690 II, it would be a HAF .
  16. The HAF 932 has a top cover, on the top. Remove that cover and the 230mm fan, and you will see the extra holes to fix on the 360mm radiator.
  17. It should be available in 8 weeks roughly.
  18. We may have some AMD dragon 932 side window panels coming in as spare parts.
  19. Yes, please use the accessories box standoffs.
  20. Hi, this is what you are looking for Cosmos Black Edition, because the rest of the world will call it Pure. In USA we call it black because black is black.
  21. Icejon

    CM 690 Pure

    It will fit, but barely. The length of the card is 305mm, but the internal space of the CM 690 Pure is 314.9mm. It also depends on your cable management, so if you have great cable management it should fit as long as the power cables aren't on the very end of the card.
  22. It should fit. For a more secure fit you will probably want to remove the tool free devices on the bays it will occupy and use the regular screws.
  23. The 342 is the best solution for the MATX chassis right now in that form so I would definitely choose it. 1: What size is the side fan on the Elite 342. No side fan is included but an 80mm or 90mm should fit 2: I currently have a phenom II 940 & an ATI4770, will the 342 case have enough cooling or should I stick to the 341 with the extra 12cm side intake fans? The 342 case will have enough cooling 3: What are the longest graphics cards that will fit in these cases, I may be getting one of the new dx11 cards so I would have to remove the Hard Drive Tray to make it fit however the HD5870 is 11.1" and HD5870x2 will be around 12". It will fit those 4: Also how do I use the optional e-sata & firewire cutouts on the front? You can't you have to purchase the model with E-Sata which is RC-342-KKN2-GP