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  1. This weekend I was at the Atomic Live IT show here in Sydney, Australia. I saw some interesting Hyper series cooler that I have never seen before...I forget the name, it's something like Hype XXX (numbers) N series. Just wondering why are they not in the coolermaster web site? are these coolers just been produced? The coolers look very much like the Thermalright Extreme with Dual fan slapped onto it. Hmmm, I am very much interested as to know when these coolers are going to be available here in Australia? looking forward to have a test on it...
  2. hmmm....I bought the retail version of V8 and I dont see any of the socket 1366 bracket?? what about those who dont get them...can coolermaster give extra bracket?
  3. I am thinking of buying the Aquagate Max. How do we check if the Aguagate Max is the new shipment? As I understand it, the new batch should fix the compatibility problem with the Cosmos S series. Is there a different part number that I should ask my reseller here in Australia? PS: By the way is there anything else changes with the new batch other than the mounting bracket? I have read the review from X-bit labs that the CPU block of the kit is not effective? changing the block with some other 3rd party help to improve the performance significantly? can anyone confirm this?
  4. I did, in conclusion that it was just a slow speed 12CM BLUE LED fan....that I have ran at 1400rpm max.
  5. Ok I have now added pictures of my COSMOS S and the V8. Pictures are taken with room light on and off....just to give an idea how nice the COSMOS and the V8 are together.
  6. Ok now, I have updated my review with some overclocking result and performance of the V8 cooler. Everything is done now...except just couple pictures of my case and the V8 coming soon.
  7. What motherboard are you running? If you have Asus board, you can use the AI suite to change the setting of your fan (without actually getting to the BIOS). You need to calibrate your fan speed though. To do that you need to have the Max speed turn on by using the speed controller that come with it...and then calibrate. If you do not have the Asus board, then go to the BIOS, disable the Q-fan control option.
  8. Oh by the way, if Coolermaster is willing to lend me the TRUE BLACK edition for a few days...I am definitely willing to test them though...hehehehe... You know I am pretty tight on resources...Even the last time, I got lucky to get an online shop that is willing to lend me a unit, considering I am not even a full-time online reviewers that do this for a living.
  9. Well definitely I wouldnt mind....but I guess hold on for the new "King" title there...( I was hoping if we can get more professional reviews to confirm this...especially those who have higher resources) I just happened to find another test review from another forum, which has done a test against 3 other excellent coolers. Except this one does it with the TRUE BLACK edition instead of the normal 120 Ultra extreme that I have done. Check out: ... 667&page=2 Honestly I am surprised at the performance of the True Black. I thought they are just about the same performer other than the black color. I guessed I am wrong. It also surprised me that in that test, the V8 has not improved in performance when modified with a better fan? I seriously doubt it, because even with the speed increased, you should see at least 2-3C improvement (mind you the fan built-in in the V8 has a fan rated up to 69.69CFM) Therefore I really think if you can mod it with 80CFM or higher, it should be better....of course in this scenario, you will then have to put up with the high noise. Also I am just Europe (Bulgaria) is really very HOT in August?? It seemed to me his ambient temperature is really high at 33C? Boy I think that's hotter than some of the tropical country? Or maybe he just got the wrong profile under his user. But anyway, give credit to that guy...he has definitely spent a lot of time and effort, and his review helped to give guidance to other users. How I wish I have enough resources myself that I could personally test the TRUE BLACK. But really I believed the True series are definitely worthy competitor. They have excellent cooling products in terms of quality. PS: Now assuming if the guy result is correct, the True Black beat V8 in performance...however I still think the V8 has the best value and performance! I dont know about the Australia...the cheapest you can get a V8 is about $78 (with a good and nice RED LED Fan built-in). Now True Black edition is about $90 (without a fan mind you!)...even the cheapest sucky fan will cost at least 10-15. Thus bringing the cost of a True Black over $100 to $110 with a good quality fan. So I really think V8 would definitely take the "King" title in the Value performance...hehehehee....
  10. I could see the CPU-temp with the V8 at idle was 12C ???? ...... Well now, that is depend on which reading you have taken it from?? There are reasons why I tried to put at least 4 different reader (speedfan, Coretemp, realtemp, Asus Probe). I just try to make all "the fanboys" from that particular reader happy? To be honest....I dont think the Asus Probe (the one that comes with the Asus probe) really accurate?? I think I would prefer the coretemp or realtemp. By the way, I just realized the realtemp reading is different is because I forget to adjust the Max TJ junct to 100 (95 default in realtemp). It should have similar reading to the coretemp (once you set them to 100C in TJ Max). Well actually I planned fact I am still busy modding them at the moment....Just wait...once I finished you can see them at the review page again.... Thank you.
  11. Will it be better than Z600 with 2 12CM fans? now that's a good question. From what I have gathered from other online reviewers the Z600 is slightly lower performance than the 120ultra, thus if people do the calculation based on this assumption, it would probably (mind you) that they are probably just matching the 120ultra or at most be on the same par. But of course mind you, I could be wrong cause I have not personally done the test. For me, I think I am happy with just the V8. I really think the Z600 with 2 fans installed too large for me (considering I have already 12CM fan at the back of my case). Now if I really want to add extra performance, I may as well modify the V8 with a better or stronger quality fan. But then again, I think I will just leave it as it is at the moment, cause having a bigger speedy fan will be just too noisy for me. (Mind you the S series have a lot of fans than normal case, if you add up all the possible options.)
  12. Thanks.. You know it really surprised me that none of the popular online reviewers site have done any review on the V8 yet. I believe they are already available in the market? or most of them are just busy with the Corei7 news? I hope someone else will do a much more thorough review and more comparison on several other coolers, such as maybe making a list of TOP 20 air coolers in the market? hmmm...that will be nice
  13. Guys, now I know I am not a professional reviewer or a dedicated one that do this for a living....but I have done a mini review and test to see how the V8 performed in comparison to the 120X. Hopefully it can be useful.... Cheers