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    dual PSU

    How is the optimal way to instal dual PSU in the Stacker. I have built a new computer, but at the boot my harddisk died and i am now bleaming the dual PSU configuration i have. The "slave" was connected to the to the connection which starts it and also the videocart, harddisk and a fan.
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    Dual PSU

    ok, thanks
  3. Aslund

    Dual PSU

    Hello again. I bought a 480W, but the dealer could not get it, so I got 2*330W instead, because I have the Cooler Master Stacker, which have the possibility of runing with 2 PSUs. But does it matter how I connect the diffrent powercables to the diffrent components or not?
  4. yes, I know that, but how do I attach the second fan?
  5. Ok, I have decided to try it and now I am waiting to get it together with the Stacker If I want 2 fans, what should I do, there are only 4 screws = 1 fan?
  6. ... oardLG.jpg I do not think that the Hyper 6 will fit because of that little black thing a bit under the NB cooler, it is very close to the hole on the upper left corner. [edited by the moderator to remove image tags. the image is still viewable by clicking on the link. images should be no larger than 600px wide to prevent users from having to scroll left and right to view all the content on the page.]
  7. Does the Hyper6 fit Abit´s KV8 pro motherboard? Is there any real risk of doing damange on the motherboard/CPU with that weight that the cooler has (1 kg) if the computer is standing still? How do I transport my computer with this cooler?
  8. Great, thanks for the exellent feedback
  9. At the picture at the bottom you can se that the plate is only connected to the case with 2 holes, with will give some vibration. Do you have a picture of these dents? Is it a ugly dent or jusy a little visible change in the straight plate?
  10. I am interested in Cooler Master Stacker, but a review mentions some problem, and I want to knew if these problems will be improved or is there a point with them? 1) On the top of the case, two visual (symmetrical) dents can be found. It is caused by the tight fit of the top aluminum panel meeting with the vertical steel structures within the case. This may only be present with our review sample and may not be a problem with retail versions. However, we do urge users to make a quick check before purchasing one. ______ 2) The drive bay faceplates are terribly inconvenient to take off or insert back into the casing. Frankly, we were surprised Cooler Master did not make any provision to easily detach the entire front façade, which would have made drive installations or changes a whole lot easier. This is one of the bigger drawbacks to the CM Stacker design. ______ 3) Extracting the dust filter on each of the drive bay faceplates is quite tough and doing this repetitively could even damage the mesh of the faceplate. Cooler Master could have spent a little more time to design an easier solution to extract the dust filter. Our suggestion for now is to wash the entire faceplate and dry it thoroughly, which saves time and effort ______ 4) The PSU faceplate that double up as additional locations for 80mm case fan installations is not equipped with enough mounting holes to prevent vibration when higher speed case fans are affixed to it. ______ 5) Installing drives or accessories with rails wasn't exactly a smooth experience. The clearance on the casing is a tad tight and requires you to nudge and squeeze the drive in. Once the drive's tail fits in and catches the rail lines on the casing, sliding the drive to its flushed position is a cinch. The good thing about the tight fit is that the case aids to cut down on drive vibrations. ______ 6) Note that the casing did not ship with an instruction manual. You will have to download the PDF version from the product page on their website. All opinions is taken from these review: