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  1. I just clinched as if I would in prison.
  2. Send one my way , It would be the best present I've ever gotten . I could give a review, though it wouldn't be longer than a sentence.
  3. Not my pics, but ones that I've seen/found. I'll try to find some more.
  4. Ok well that is a good point, though isn't the the clip(closest to the bottom) a bit low? My birthday is Oct 8, maybe a little birthday gift from CM? ATCS 840
  5. Stock ATX does have a hole. The one i posted is from an earlier revision of the tray. Oh I know, I meat "Stock" by already provided hole by CM.
  6. If there is a fully black ATCS 840, do I get one first? Also for the motherboard tray, why not add a smaller cut out hole just a bit lower than the 24pin for SATA Cables or IDE? Plus maybe another on the bottom for the front panel connectors.
  7. Not sure if it will, but if it doesn't, its a simple modification since the tray IS removable I mean everything black, just not the tray. Plus people who've never painted before might not end up liking their end result. A factory black painted interior like the Antec 1200, saves a lot of users the trouble of having to disassemble the chassis itself. I'm sure many people themselves would pay a little extra to have it over the stock.
  8. Have the interior black!!!! A lot of people prefer a black interior than plain steel. As well as having the rear part of the chassic black as well.
  9. Yeah make it tad larger, I have a Corsair 750TX and it is a tight fit though all the cables went through put I can't even move my PSU with the screws out. Plus make the space behind the mobo tray a few inches bigger to store the cables, my PSU has a ton of connectors and it would have been helpful to have the extra room.
  10. You don't want to be put down with SilenX, your fans by knowledgable(even a word?) pc builders will always be put down due to faulty misleading claims/ratings.
  11. I think as long as the price aren't crazy you should be fine, though you gotta remember you got some tough competitors with Antec earthwatt series. Most of the time you could get the 380w/430w for about under $30 after MIR. Plus make sure there is quality parts in the PSU .
  12. Well I'm sure it will be 19-21dba from a couple feet away, though it depends on how far you need to be away from it to be 19-21dba. Plus those fan grills aren't going to help. I bet if you compared a 68cfm/24dba scythe slipstream and a CM 90cfm/19-21dba fan up close you I bet the CM would be louder, it all depends what distance the fans are tested at.
  13. A low wattage PSU from 350w-480w would benefit a lot of users especially if the price is not too much. Something to beat the Antec Earthwatts line price area, the low wattage PSU are perfect for little folding rigs, basic computer use like email, etc.. Plus if these PSU were modular I think a lot of people would purchase them especially for mATX cases where they don't have to worry about medusas head ruining airflow at a lan party.
  14. Yeah sorry to be a negative ned, but there is no way a 120mm fan produces 90cfm @ 19-21dba. If it was at 28-32 dba it would be more accurate but no way 19-21dba. I don't mean to be rude in any way or form but whoever determines these results needs to make the testing is done right.