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  1. PC Power & Cooling 1KwSR fits just fine in my Cosmos S. It does not have an intake on the bottom to take advantage of the filtered intake on the bottom of the case though, it has a fan on the back of the PSU. It is a huge PSU and it fits.
  2. Single Rail Flat cables that lay down nice behind the back panel.(modular not necessary) Black Connectors Protective caps included for the Molex.(also black) Voltage Regulators instead of magnetic amplifiers MADE IN USA.
  3. You mean this module? http://www.centralcomputers.com/commerce/ccp22228--cooler-master-stb-3t4-e3-gp-4-in-3-module-stb-3t4-e1-miscm-stb01r.htm It looks like it does not come with an LED Fan though.
  4. I placed a 120mm fan I had lying around in the 230mm place while I waited for a replacement. I only attached it with one screw though, and at full speed it was extremely loud. But it kept my card cool until the replacement came.
  5. Just be sure you use the fan grill CM should send you to protect your components from flying debris just in case. So far so good since my reinstall, but if it does break again I will let all you guys know ASAP.
  6. I agree that we should not have to mod anything for our cases to function properly. I would save 80% of my money and just order a custom piece of acrylic from http://www.tapplastics.com/ It is easy work with your existing door... it is modular. I can make a template with a piece of cardboard the exact shape I need and have them cut it for me... along with whatever size holes I want in the side, as many holes as i need, and the color window I choose. But hey, I like to do things myself.
  7. You can still use the normal side panel, you just have to shim the fan away from the side panel a few millimeters. My fan broke within the first week and Coolermaster replaced it, and sent me a fan grill to boot. When I installed it, I just made sure to shim it. I used washers. You can find a plethora of o-rings, vinyl and neoprene washers at Ace hardware. They usually have a better nuts and bolts section that home depot.
  8. Don't be so apologetic Mr. Kilgore, this is a known design flaw with the Cosmos S. I had to fix the problem on my own by shimming my replacement fan farther away from the side panel, as the engineers who designed the Cosmos S did not allow enough clearance between the fan, and the fan housing. They sent me a new fan in 4 days. Very fast service. But I still wonder what Coolermaster would have done if the faulty engineering had led to the fan blade breaking off and destroying expensive hardware. Coolermaster sent me a replacement fan, and a fan grill, but this did not fix the problem... like I said, I had to shim the fan myself. They really need to give us a replacement side panel to fix this problem, and the fan location does not allow for tall heatsinks without modification. The fan should be another 2 0r 3 inches towards the drive bay, and about 2 inches lower. This is considered a high end case, and it seem absurd that a person should have to severely mod it to fit the best heatsinks. It won't even work with their own V8 HS that just came out. Other than that, it has been an awesome case. I don't really want to bash Coolermaster, but it sounds like you think this problem was your fault, and it most definitely was not. This thread is the largest on this page that is not a sticky. What does that tell you? And you don't have to remove the aluminum panels to get the side panel off, it has those metal spring-steel retainers. You just have to get your credit card or something flat like a putty knife or a butter knife to pop the panel out one retainer at a time. Just be careful not to break the weak part of the plastic, don't pry directly on the weak part.
  9. Yeah, very useful feature, every mid and full tower case should come with this from now on! wow thats a great idea i might have to cut up my cosmos now just so i have that feature Be careful, I was thinking the same thing... but the tray is already flimsy in the Cosmos S because it is made of light gauge aluminum. The 932 is made out of more rigid steel.
  10. I don't have a camera right now, but this is the side of the fan you want to put the spacers on. I decided to sandwich the washers with 1 thin layer of electric tape and trim the edges of the tape to the washers, this made it easy to poke all 4 of the the fastening screws through the side panel and washer tape first, making the installation of the fan easier. the tape helps to hold the screws in place.
  11. There seemed to be no difference between my broken fan, and the replacement. I don't think they changed anything about them... The grill does not solve the problem I had, it was not something inside the bay of the case that my fan caught... it was the spider-webbing that the fan screws into that was too close to the blades. Before I installed my new fan i shimmed it away from the panel a few millimeters. Some rubber o-rings or washers should work just fine. I am glad to have the grill, it should have been included originally. That is quite a large fan spinning around in there.
  12. Thank you neverXmiss, my new fan and fan-grill arrived via UPS today! I would have gotten it yesterday, but I think my UPS Guy is a Ninja. I was at home all day yesterday and when I left to get some dinner I had a UPS Sticker on my door. That would have been like a 96 hour turn around... and over a weekend. Thumbs Up!
  13. Good move changing the CPU orientation to exhaust out the top... I believe CM designed that case to flow straight through from bottom to top. You may want to cut away the screen mesh on the top exhaust fans... some people claim it gives you less restriction and more air flow. The mesh is hidden under the top cover after all. I have heard good things about Enermax Fans with their new Twister Bearing. Move tons of air and at a noise level that is acceptable... maybe even close to the level they advertise. I have a Scythe S-Flex and it is currently the best fan in my case. ~50cfm ~20 dcb. I am going to try the Enermax for myself, then decide what brand to go with. My Thermaltake 120mm LED fans are junk, it sounds like my PC is preparing for lift-off.
  14. I just bought the Cosmos S case at Fry's. I like it very much. Today I took my side panel off and one of the fan blades caught on the spider-web panel that holds the dust filter and fan in place. One of the blades snapped off the large side 200+ millimeter fan. Can you replace this, or do I have to tear my system down and return the case to Fry's. It is a week old and I would rather just replace the fan... it would be easier. The door removal was standard procedure, I had nothing in the way thanks to the Cosmos good cable management. Thanks, BuddyLee