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  1. 1. fans with a remote temp sensor that are low rpm when temps are cool and ramp up when thing heat up 2. programmable stealthed(no lcd, blank 5.25) fan controller, 6-8 fans with accompanying thermal sensors. The fan controller would be independent, self-contained but additional fan profiles can be programmed by software
  2. Was the box damaged in any way? No, nothing really significant just the usual wear and tear incurred during shipping. I didn't mind the panel bent as it was in the back and i was easily able to bend it back into shape. But the front bezel it leaves a noticeable gap, and I can't ignore because I know it's there. I'll post pictures later.
  3. Just some thin case fans, 80mm, 92mm, or 120mm by 20mm or less
  4. Just got mine today, was perfect except the lip of bottom panel in the back in the was bent out of shape, and the front bezel is a little warped on the lower left.
  5. http://www.sundialmicro.com -shipping is pricey http://www.directron.com -they are awesome, got my Haf out the door for $163 dollars.
  6. For an 850w PSU Following cables always hardwired: - Main 20+4 Pin motherboard power connector - 1 4+4-Pin ATX12V/EPS12V connector - or - 1 8-Pin EPS12V connector 1 4-Pin ATX12V P4 connector - 2 PCI-Express 6+2 Pin connectors - 1 SATA cable w/ 2 connectors - 4 Molex connectors additional modular cables: - 2 SATA cables w/ 2-3 connectors - 2 PCI-Express 6 Pin connectors - 4 Molex connectors + 1 floppy - On/Off switch - Monitoring/Power Management Software - No cosmetic LEDs, only diagnostic - Heat sinks Integral w/ casing - Vibration dampening - flat cable sleeving (like SATA data cables)