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  1. You have to connect the CPU fan connector and a thermal sensor to that same channel in order for the device to work properly!
  2. June? Nvidia is already late with the G71 which at best will be launched in march / april. I really doubt that there will be a G80 in june!
  3. 3dm05 10,605 @ stock 11,516 CPU @ 2700 and GPU 690/800 3dm06 5,430 @ stock 5,786 CPU @ 2700 and GPU 690/800
  4. I've wanted to for a while now. Those cathodes are 1 of the first PC parts I ever bought (at least 4 years old) and that's how far the wires will go. I have a brand new pair of CoolerMaster Blue Aurora's somewhere around. I'm just a little lazy to install them!
  5. Unfortunately it can't. I only learned this after I bought them!
  6. This is what a guy at Anandtech.com did to his Aerogate 1 in order to change the default color: "I did this because I did not like the red LED color and I did not want to have to change the color every time I turned on the PC. WARNING: This can damage your product! Proceed at your own risk! ***************************************************** There is an IC marked U11 on the printed circuit board (at the lower center of the PCB). There are three resistors (0 Ohms) beside it. The resistors are marked R54, R55 and R56. Every time you press the button, the IC sets the voltage on one of the resistors to 0 and the other two to 5V. That turns on one of the LED colors. When you turn all the colors off, the IC sets all three resistor voltages to 5V. When R54 is set to 0V, the red LED is on. When R55 is set to 0V, the green LED is on. When R56 is set to 0V, the blue LED is on. I used a soldering iron and removed the three resistors. Then, soldered three wires to always force R55 to 0 and R54 and R56 to 5V. This way, it always is green when I turn on the PC. The switch does not do anything anymore and I cannot change the colors. But, that is OK with me. NOTE: You have to connect the wires to the side of the resistor foot print that is not connected to the IC U11. Pin 8 of U11 is 0V. Pin 16 is 5V. When you look at the IC with the labels right side up, the pin at the lower left corner is pin 1. You count up counter clockwise. If you ever want to go back to the original setup, just remove the wires that you added and solder the three shorts (resistors) back in place". I wonder if the same thing would be possible with the musketeer II drive?
  7. Hi, The musketeer II uses the RED display color as the default option, so everytime I boot the PC I have to change its color from RED to BLUE. Is there a way to make the musketeer start with BLUE instead? TIA!
  8. Wow, great job guys. Isn't it amazing how companies cannot "think" or at least "listen" to customers ideas and requests so that a better product can be designed. It is usually other people that on their own manage to modify existing hardware / sofware in order to make such products more functional. Coolermaster continues to ignore so many ideas and requests that we all bother to bring up in this forums. We need better software for the Cooldrive 6, including the option to display custom messages Your new top of the line power supply only features 1 PCI-E connector, is that right? Who came up with this? Since your older products seem to do better than the newer stuff, couldn't Coolermaster stop making the old design and implement REVISIONS to their existing products, adding MEMORY FUNCTIONS to the Musketeer drives and aerogate coolers / fan controllers?
  9. Look around, the cable is probably hiding somewhere
  10. One more vote for the ORIGINAL STACKER. Don't see myself replacing it with anything out there ATM. The only thing I wish could be an OPTION or an UPGRADE with the old stacker is the front IO connectors. I really don't like the 6 USB ports design. Instead I wish CM would have used a multiple media reader and a "cover door" for the panel.
  11. Try reversing the cables, it only works 1 way or the other!
  12. No more LOGO, (thank God) I built a few pc's using the newer Centurion 5 cases with no LOGO on the side window. Much better in my opinion!
  13. Don't forget to thank the CM support guy for telling you that this issue was reported many times before. He took the time to reply with "that" instead of offering technical support, or a link to a solution. Oh, Have you guys seen CM's manuals? They are a joke, no wonder people have to come to the forums looking for help. Anyway, If you want it to stop blinking, you MUST AT LEAST connect the CPU fan (or any other fan, but connected to the CPU channel) and its thermal sensor. The other cables or thermal sensors are not necessary.