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  1. Planetside 2; I was hooked on it for the longest time.
  2. The OP need to add more details.
  3. Steam: doomie_22 Already a member of Cooler Master's Steam Group
  4. Maybe if they'll do so with the next versionof the HAF-X (if there'll be one that is).
  5. Your images post fine for me (could be an issue maybe because they are JPEG and not JPG) anyhow they are much too big to post and your log is also quite substantial so its probably best to hotlink it to your original build log but before you do you should post some info about your build and not just a link.
  6. "Limited Lfetime" is usually what I think when a product has a lifetime warranty.
  7. I'm really diggin' these types of cases and this one look freakin' sweet but I'm not sure I like the restrictive front grill and the clear side panel.
  8. To be competative you need to either follow suit or do better as alot of other Platinum rated PSUs carry a 7 year warranty.
  9. Not counting the PSU, CPU and video card, my case has 7 fans. Count the 3 would bring the total to 11.
  10. Well, 92mm fans aren't really the standard these days and I am surprised the 915R uses a 92mm as an intake.
  11. This is not for the enthusiasts for sure. A preview showed results of an OC'd 3570K (4.0 GHz) reaching 98°C after 8 mins during a load test. If ThermoLab really wanted this ot be a true fanless design more heatpipes, or larger (8mm), are needed as well as more cooling fins. The over size also needs to be much bigger.
  12. You can't go wrong with a watercooling product made by Swiftech.
  13. Without a doubt the JetFlo fans for sure. If I was interested in AIO watercooling units the Nepton series. Lastly the V series of PSUs.
  14. Fantastic design and layout but an intake filter would have been a plus to see but then one could always "Macgyver" one with little effort required.