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  1. very nice case mod & attention to detail within the internal layout is outstanding
  2. Your idea of changing fans should work ok, although I'd prefer to RMA the memory & purchase some memory without the heatsink. This would then allow you to use the CM original fans on the cooler. Several ways to solve the issue, depends on which route you take??
  3. Your modded test bench does look the business & now is far far away from the standard chassis, top job & good luck in the competition
  4. Your cooler mod has turned out very nicely, pro look to it & attention to detail outstanding. Reckon it will be a contender in the competition myself, great job
  5. This sure is a very different & unique case mod, good luck in the competition
  6. like how your case mod has turned out, the colour scheme works very well. Good luck in the competition with it
  7. Top job & good photo's, good luck in the competition
  8. Thanks! Yeah, a bit of the components are getting a bit old but don't wanna upgrade seeing they work just fine Do you got a mod going in this competition? tried looking but didn't find any Thanks for asking, yeah kinda got a new mod for the comp, but the hardware only arrived last week, water cooling components in transit with carrier atm, bits of case all over the place! I'm working crazy to try to finish on time, but sometimes you get a bad feeling about things
  9. Like the black tubing, sets the overall 'look' off very well.
  10. Rigid tubing is a nice touch & takes some doing to get it looking good as it does here. Sure is a very clean water cooling loop!
  11. Your mod is coming along nicely, it has been very well thought out & managed on each section. Best of all it has a professional finish to it which stands out for sure. The modded chassis vent does look spot on & attention to detail is faultless throughout. Waiting for the next update here:-)
  12. The results are looking very nice, sure does stand out. Keep up the good work
  13. Looks great so far, nice bit of hardware you got for the mod. keep up the good work, not long to go now