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  1. Thanks guys for the replies. Maybe we should have a list of which CPU coolers work and which don`t?
  2. Looking to upgrade my CPU cooler Will a Zalman CNPS9700 NT fit in a Cosmos-S case? If not I think that a CNPS9500 AT will work?
  3. Thanks for the reply jroc,that was the answer I was looking for yes I have the Cosmos S, I found this also . (Please make sure that you have connected the MB power extension cable that comes with the chassis while installing the system. The touch-sensitive power button is powered by the yellow and black add-on cables) http://www.coolermaster.com/support/faq-2.php?fid=2333
  4. The 24pin adapter for the power between my motherboard and the cable that normally goes from PSU > mobo.What is the The little (blue/yellow/black) cable for and do I need to use the 24pin adapter that came with the case with the blue/yellow cable ?
  5. Notoriousbigs or ts_123..........is it possible you can help with my situation too with fan guard I just got the Cosmos S here in Japan, is it possible for you to send the fan guard here to Tokyo Japan? I will be happy to pay for the fan guard & shipping as the people here who sell the Cooler Master cases do not know about the fan guard.
  6. Well been looking for a new case and was going to get the Lian-Li X500 but after looking at the Cosmos S revision with the magnet doors and half the price of Lian-Li., just pickup up the Cosmos S. Great case, I had looke at the Cosmos a couple of months ago and did not like the HDD cooling as there was none but the new Cosmos S has really improve on this