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  1. I could see the CPU-temp with the V8 at idle was 12C ???? ...... Nice review though .... maybe you can also post some bigger pics here to show youre system with the V8?
  2. .... made an update ... the system in totall not making less noise, is a few degrees above what it was ... but the update is bringing better graphcs though! I bought (from second hand) a Sparkle 8800GTX 768MB GDDR3 card. Standard clockspeed, standard cooler, which is Idling pretty much not hearable. The advantage with the card is that the fan on the Orochi is surrounded with some more space. Disadvantage is that it gets some more heat from the Sparkle. CPU idle is 39C/40C. Connected the card now with 2 6-pin power connectors [EDIT] And some pics with the new card:
  3. Well, really low end i can't say .... it's an XFX 7950GT 570 Extreme ... not high end but don't think it is low end ... and it can run without the extra power supply as you all can see ... I guess i will install the power supply to it as it was build there to do so. Dont think i will notice any difference with it but ... maybe it's just better for the motherboard so that it will not have to power the card thru the pci-e slot.
  4. Thanks for the input. Think i will do some testing with the cpu fan mounted on the other sides to see if the temps will be different. One thing im seeing right now is that i don't have connected the powercable onto the videocard .... as its running fine, is it actually neccessary to connect the 6-pin powercable coming from the PSU onto the videocard? .... and as this is neccessary, what differences will be there when its connected? .... @ tonschk (or others) ... is it possible to install the videocard in the second PCI-e slot? Or must it always be installed in the first?
  5. As promised, hereby my experiences with the new fans ans Scythe Orochi cooler. Replaced the standard CM fans with: - Top Yate Loon 2x 140mm, 1350RPM - Rear Yate Loon 1x 120mm, 1000RPM - Bottom Yate Loon 1x 120mm, 1000RPM - Above drivebay, so extra fan against what was "standard", Yate Loom 1x 120mm, 1000RPM I must say, they don't make less noise. I think the noise level is even with the standard CM fans. Thats a little bit disappointing but, the fans are now with blue light. Think a will buy a fancontroller to lower the 120mm fan speeds. They spin a little faster (150RPM) then the CM fans, so that will reduce the noise a little i hope. With the controller i can then tune the best speed for the fans while keeping the same temps. Then, with the Orochi fitted and the new fans, i loweded the overall temps. With the fan now close (2mm) above the videocard heatsink, this is dropped in temp the most. It is what i was hoping for and for now proved to be working! Some pics of the setup now. Know that mounting the Orochi inside the case was really easily done. The Cosmos has lots of room to even mount this giant of a cooler inside it ... and uhm, im lovin it, looks really good inside the Cosmos if you ask me All and all it lowered my idle temps: CPU: -/- 3C GPU: -/- 6C (Measured the temps on the same day, before install, idling for about 10min, and after installing after 10min (knowing that the temps probably will be a little lower as the thermal paste will have to "set" it self after a few days of work). Greetzzz, Armand
  6. Hows is the V8 doin biggatomic??? ........ no reviews yet available, so who will be the fisrt
  7. Hi Jroc, Ordered the 120mm and 140mm LED fans yesterday: This is the URL for the webshop to the 140mm LED fans: As the confirmation said, they will sent me the fans today, will have them on friday. I will post the setu pwith pics and a short review how the fans will do. ...... oh yes, what i did not mentioned yet ...... i've ordered the Scythe Orochi ... guess i was to impressed by that monster and did not care to try to reach the lowest possible temps anymore ..... with the YateLooms and this very very quiet CPU cooler and the passive VGA-card, lets see what it will bring me... Grtzz, Armand
  8. Cosmos can handle: Top: 2x 140mm Back: 1x 120mm Bottom: 1x 120mm Above drivebay: 1x 120mm What i wan't to buy from Yate Loom: Top: 2x 140mm Yate Loon 140MM D14SL-12 Clear+Blue LED 1000RPM, 74,2 CFM Back: 1x 120mm Yate Loon 120MM D12SL-12 Clear + Blue LED 1350RPM, 46,9 CFM Bottom: 1x 120mm Yate Loon 120MM D12SL-12 Clear + Blue LED 1350RPM, 46,9 CFM Above drivebay: 1x 120mm Yate Loon 120MM D12SL-12 Clear + Blue LED 1350RPM, 46,9 CFM These will be mount at the molex from the PSU, so they will spinn as what is in the specs. The new to buy CPU cooler: having the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme in mind. At the cooler i want to mount also the Yate Loons. 2x 120MM D12SL-12 Clear + Blue LED 1350RPM. This will be connected to the CPU fan controller on the motherboard, so they will spinn at 820RPM when idling (i think they will spinn like this RPM because the Asus Silent Square fan is now also spinning at this speed ... or will it be different?). The D14SM is not available in the webshop in Holland where i would buy from, don't think this will be a big issue because the exhaust in total will have with more fans then the intake so that the negative pressure will hold. The airflow in the CPU heatsink will also be good because the case-intake will deliver more air and the exhaust will even more suck air out of the case. Am i right? Exhaust -/- Intake: 2x46,94 + 1x74,2 = 168,08 -/- 2x74,2 = 148,4 = 19,68 CFM available for the negative pressure effect. While the drivebay has it's own fan installed, don't think that the bay needs the neg. pressure effect and will the drive be cool anyway. Will it have better airflow and will it be more silent then what im having right now? (All are connected to PSU molex, so spinning at spec speeds): Top: 2x 120mm standard Coolermaster Cosmos 1200RPM Back: 1x 120mm standard Coolermaster Cosmos 1200RPM Bottom: 1x 120mm standard Coolermaster Cosmos 1200RPM Above drivebay: none CPU cooler: Asus Silent Square which has a 92mm fan spinning at 820RPM idling
  9. Wow! See, exactly as im having the set up! Only with some other fans installed. The Cosmos must be able to drag the temps down. I think i will buy the fans as proposed! What cooler is it at the pic? And what type of fan is installed in front of it?
  10. Great! Thanks! So now, what (4) fans should i buy to replace the CM fans? .... offcourse, wanting them to be more quiet and at the same time move more air Thanks for the advising! As we speak, ive read the temps again ... Yesterday / Today: DIMM: 36C / 35C GPU: 57C / 53C CPU: 41C / 41C Motherboard: 37C / 36C Samsung 320GB: 28C / 28C Samsung 320GB: 31C / 31C Roomtemp about 1C lower then yesterday .... ive mounted some 1cm thick soundfoam in the empty 5,25 drivebay caps ... this to have no air sucked from that panels so that the neg. pressure sucks the air from the bottom fan , the HD-area at the bottom and the open area near the IO shield (where the removed air-duct got his "cool" air from). Again scored some GPU-temp improvement !
  11. What are the specs of the standard fans actually? I could only find that they are spinning at 1200 and are 17dBa (or 22dBa?). Airflow .... CFM?
  12. Uhm .. offcourse i do understand "passiv" cooling. The CPU is not passive cooled, there's a fan inside the heatsink. When a fan is mounted above the heatsink off the GPU (like mounted in or on a CPU-cooler like mine), then it will for sure cause more airflow over/in the GPU-heatsink. The result ive shown you by the better temps when i rotated the CPU-cooler. A temp of 41C at a motherboard temp of 37C is good, i know .... but with an outside temp of 27C, i think it must be possible to have better readings, is it not? ... So the only question what im having is if there are people having better options for CPU cooler and fan-setups then mine which will reduce the overall temps and maybe as well the noise (which is allready good with standard fan-setup i think!).
  13. So .... made some changes. - removed the 2 oldest drives. Were the loudest and slowest in de bay, 2x 160GB SATA150 - removed the fan out of the fanholder that was on top of the drive bay (i placed the fanholder back on top of the bay, without the fan) - the fan is now again on top so that now the situation is standard again, 2 fans on top, 1 at the rear 1 at the bottom of the case (also here, not connected to the board, spinning max.) - rotated the cpu cooler so that now it sucks air from the bottom and blows it to the top (now you can read the Asus logo from left to right). In this way i think im winning the most while the GPU is now idling at 57C is was: DIMM: 36C GPU: 63C CPU: 44C Motherboard: 39C Samsung 320GB: 32C Samsung 320GB: 35C Drive setup (all bays full): I I I I I I Their are (and were) 2 Samsung 500GB in RAID 0, so cannot/couldn't read the temps from them. What are the temps now: DIMM: 36C GPU: 57C CPU: 41C Motherboard: 37C Samsung 320GB: 28C Samsung 320GB: 31C Drive setup: I _ I I _ I At the bottom the 2x 320GB, on top of them the 2x 500GB. Tested also with a 90mm fan on top of the GPU heatsink. Temp of GPU dropped in about 15minutes to 50C, maybe if i waited 15min. longer it would reach for about 48C. At the end, i removed the fan, temp with 57C is fine by me (offcourse i would like to have it lower, but without a fan) .... don't play games, so the GPU will not heat up that much. Conclusion: - 6 drives will create to much heat, this will cause the heat coming into the case and thereby heating up other components as well (mostly i think the CPU that sucked the air from the drivebay to the back of the case. - airflow will be better when a "big" cooler with a fan is moving the air from bottom to the top. This way it will suck the fresh air from the bottom more over the graphics card to cool it as well. The question will be, will the CPU temp (and GPU temp) be cooler with another CPU cooler??? And are other fans be able to move more air and be more quiet??? The standard fans are imo quiet, but i would love to hear reports of more quieter fans which also will move more air or can spin at lower speeds to have at least the same airflow .......
  14. My thoughts were also going out to add a fan to the graphic card ... maybe it will not be neccessery when im having a CPU cooler that has a fan above the graphiccard and sucks some air over the VGA-heatsink .....
  15. Correct, powersupply is the Tacens Valeo Smart 480W. AC INPUT 100-120Vac / 200-240 Vac 10 / 6A 60 / 50Hz DC OUTPUT +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5VSB MAX OUTPUT CURRENT 28A 34A 19A 18A 0.8A 2.5A MAX COMBINED WATTAGE +3.3V+5V: 250W / +3.3V+5V+12V1+12V2-12V+5VSB: 480W This PSU is very quiet, but maybe it will be good to change it to a more powerfull PSU. Searched and found a good replacer for it: Be Quiet Dark Power 650W Review of the Be Quiet Dark Power 650W or? ......... any better (more quiet?) suggestions? - fans - cpu cooler - PSU Thanks!