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  1. Hi, Has anyone found a radiator to fit the 230mm fans on the ATCS 840? I love them - nice and quiet, and was wondering if anyone had made one that size yet. I don't want to swap down to 120mm fans. Coolermaster -any chance of making something to fit? Rhimes
  2. Rhimes

    ATCS 840 panel hum

    I've setup my ATCS 840, and when left hand side panel is attached, the case produces a regular (but not continuous) low frequency humming noise. If I touch the side of the case or slide it backwards a little, the hum disappears.. All fans are standard as it was shipped, using the stock intel i7 heatsink. Any coolermaster reps have a solution? Maybe some kind of rubber damping strip to go along the bottom lip between the main chassis and the panel?
  3. Looks great! Was considering the cosmos S or an Antec case, but the style & functionality of this one wins out. Love the transverse hdd setup, looks like a well laid out case overall. I'm planning on doing my new build early December - what kind of stock levels will be seen in the first couple of weeks post launch? Is there any way to secure one? (I'm in Australia...)
  4. Rhimes

    Cosmos S variants

    Is coolermaster is working on any variants of the Cosmos S? I'd like to see ESA as it is the flagship and a completely black case - including the handles/sides. I guess it would be the RC-1110..